Gabriele Anakin now returns with Talk-Ink 2

It all started as game : Gabriele Anakin returns with Talk-Ink 2

A few days after the second season’s release, TikTok’s most famous Italian tattoo artist Gabriele Anakin told us how his program was born and how he found himself the guardian of his guests’ secrets and revelations.

The Talk-Ink 2 was released on 8 November, the YouTube format signed by Gabriele Anakin, an irreverent and never-the-same Roman tattoo artist, like his work which ranges from tattooing to social media, where he appears as a content creator.

Indeed, Gabriele is a TikTok phenomenon with 396,000 followers and 15 million views.

Gabriele Anakin returns with Talk-Ink 2

We continue to talk about figures: 3.6 million are the views of the first season of Talk-Ink, where he interviews famous personalities from the world of rap and pop music, such as Tananai, Jake La Furia, Emis Killa, and Beba.

And it is precise with a sacred monster of Italian hip hop that the Talk-Ink 2 opens: the first episode, entirely available on Youtube and in pills on social networks, has, in fact, Gué Pequeno as the protagonist, ex-member of the Club Dogoand still today among the most influential artists of the Italian scene.

Sunglasses, a white T-shirt, the now well-known pigtails: Guè showed up in the studio and got Kenshiro, the protagonist of the famous manga from the 80s, tattooed on his leg while he talked about his projects, answering questions, sometimes awkward, by Anakin.

And before him, many other guests spoke to Gabriele as if he were a lifelong friend, which is often what you do when you get a tattoo, perhaps in a particular phase of your life.

After working as a tattoo artist, Gabriele has noticed the strong bond that almost always develops between professional and client and has decided to transform it into an actual program.

“The idea was born by chance and almost as a game. It was immediately after the end of the pandemic, after months of forced “stop,” Il Tre (rapper, ed) came to the studio to visit us; we were both energized and full of desire to do, chat, laugh and right between a joke and the another told me that her latest record was about to come out. We came up with the idea of ​​creating content for Instagram to talk about his musical project, and unexpectedly the video was very successful. At that point, the classic light bulb came on, and everything was born from there,” Anakin told Cosmopolitan.

The work of a tattoo artist joined the entertainment: “The funniest interview filmed was the one with Tony Effe (due out in December 2022, ed). We laughed a lot. Tony is a particularly brilliant person and was very polite with the whole work team”, revealed Anakin, “I can say that, even though we had never met before, a strong understanding was established. You know, among Romans, we understand each other. I can’t wait for it.”

Some guests also disclosed about revelations about their projects, such as Carl Brave, who, during his interview, revealed how he finds inspiration to write.

And many other secrets which, as such, will remain secret.

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