Gela Meskhi fell in love with Natalya Zemtsova, the ex-wife of the Uma2rman soloist

Natalya and Gela Meskhi
Natalya and Gela Meskhi

Three years ago, Gela Meskhi divorced Ekaterina Klimova, but all this time, fans and friends believed in their reunion. Now hopes have vanished, Gela has started a new romance.

Ekaterina Klimova and Meskhi lived in a happy marriage for four years and unexpectedly divorced in 2019. 

Since then, the ex-spouses have not met with anyone but have maintained friendly relations – primarily for the sake of their daughter Isabella.

They spent the entire covid quarantine almost together – both were unemployed, so they devoted all the time to the child.

Fans of the couple did not doubt that Klimova and Meskhi were about to get back together. 

In addition, rumors have recently appeared that the artists want to reunite and sign for the second time. 

“Ekaterina’s acquaintances told me that she is now with Meskhi, her last husband. Almost live together. How seriously they are ready again for family life, they do not yet say. Meskhi never stops talking to her about love. Katya also did not stop loving him,”-informed by KP insider.

But, alas!, it turned out to be false. On Sunday evening, September 11, Gela came out with a new lover. 

The chosen one of 36-year-old artists was Natalya Zemtsova, an actress and ex-wife of the lead singer of the Uma2rman group, Sergei Kristovsky.

The stars were “caught” in the hall of the cinema “October” at the premiere of the film “Who’s there?” with Vladimir Mashkov and Kirill Kyaro in the lead roles.

In addition to lovers, there were many celebrities and journalists at the secular show, so it was not difficult for them to hide their joint appearance. 

In addition, they appeared separately on the red carpet and kept their distance so that no one would suspect anything, but they sat down together in the hall. 

There is no doubt – there is a new couple in the Russian cinema world!

No matter how Natalya and Gela avoided the lenses, they could still capture their gentle hugs, languid glances, and even inconspicuous kisses.

Russians know Natalya for her role as Inga in the series “The Eighties.”

She also starred in “Epidemic,” “High-rise Building,” “In the still water,” “Missing,” “Method,” and many others.

Natalya is also known to many for her star ex-husband

At the concert of the Uma2rman group in Minsk, she met the soloist Sergei Kristovsky, and chemistry immediately happened between them. 

The musician, who then was married and raised four children with his wife, had an affair with a beautiful brunette. 

She was 16 years younger than him. In 2014, Natalya gave birth to a son, Ivan. 

Two years later, Sergei divorced and proposed to Zemtsova. True, they did not live in marriage for long – in the spring of 2022, the actress announced the breakup. 

According to her, the star husband did not understand and did not accept her endless shooting. 

There were rumors that Klimova and Meskhi divorced for the same reason. 

Will the artist now be ready to put up with the constant traveling of his soulmate?

The marriage of Meskhi and Klimova collapsed three years ago. 

The actors’ relationship was not saved even by the familiar daughter Bella. 

The artist was stubbornly silent about what was happening on his front.

In an interview, the actor preferred to talk more about his career, as a rare exception, and his growing daughter from Catherine. 

But as for his happiness, nothing could be achieved from Meskhi.

Actress Zemtsova was born in Omsk. They started talking about her after the role of Inga in the TV series “The Eighties.” 

You can also look at the current beloved Meskhi in the projects “Epidemic,” “High-rise building,” “In the still waters”, “Missing”, and “Method”. 

However, most of all, Zemtsova was talked about as the wife of Sergei Kristovsky from the Uma2rman group

In 2014, the couple had a son, Ivan. For the musician, this was not the first child; he had previously left four children from a previous relationship for the sake of Zemtsova.

Note that Natalia and Gela have not yet officially commented on their relationship. 

And, knowing Meskhi, fans can wait for the details of the artist’s new novel for a long time.

Gela Meskhi and Ekaterina Klimova divorced three years ago. 

The other day it became known that the actor had an affair with the ex-wife of the Uma2rman soloist Natalya, Komsomolskaya Pravda writes .


Gela Meskhi Wikipedia

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Gela Meskhi Instagram 

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Gela Meskhi movies and TV shows 

2022 ЮЗЗЗ (8 episodes) as Кока

2022 Wings Above Berlin

2021 The Pilot. A Battle for Survival

2019 The Watchman as son

2019 Caged (10 episodes)

2019 Donbass. Borderland as Anatoly

2019 Billion as Georgy

2019 Saving Leningrad as Petruchik

2018 Sobibor as Semen Rosenfeld

2016 Чёрная кошка (16 episodes) as лидер заводской футбольной команды

2016 Чёрная кошка (16 episodes) as Иван Мишин

2013 Сын отца народов (1 episode) as Василий Сталин

2012 Astra, i love you as новелла «Угонщик»

2011 Гамлет XXI век

2010 Big Daughter or a Test for… as Hooligan

Gela Meskhi Filmi

You can also look at the Gela Meskhi in the projects “Epidemic,” “High-rise building,” “In the still waters”, “Missing”, and “Method”. 

Gela Meskhi Biography

Gela Meskhi was born on May 13, 1986, in Moscow. 

He was earlier married to Ekaterina Klimova.

Gela Meskhi actor 

Gela Meskin is a Russian actor known for Vasiliy Stalin (2013), Astra, I heart you (2012), and Spasti Leningrad (2019).

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