GF Vip: What will happen now after Marco Bellavia’s departure?

GF VIP: Marco Bellavia
GF VIP: Marco Bellavia

Marco Bellavia’s withdrawal will force Big Brother to make some critical decisions against competitors who have repeatedly bullied former Bim Bum Bam star.

There is great excitement around the House of Big Brother Vip following the release of Marco Bellavia, who decided to leave the Canale 5 reality show after being the victim of bullying by the other competitors of the program who, having discovered the depression problems suffered by the former star of Bim bum bam, instead of helping his colleague, they railed against him for days, who decided to leave the game.

The attitude of the competitors of Big Brother (but fortunately not by everyone, see George Ciupilan and Antonella Fiordelisi) has sparked many controversies on social media as well as on TV, where now many are asking for a more than drastic measure against all VIPs who, in front of Bellavista’s request for help, excluded the companion labeling him as “crazy” and “sick.”

Marco Bellavia’s withdrawal from GF VIP

These days, powerful words have been addressed to Marco during his stay in the House of the GF Vip, which, according to some advances, will lead to particularly harsh measures by Big Brother, never as today determined to make his voice heard by saying a dry no to bullying.

Although, at the moment, nothing specific has been leaked yet about what we will see tonight during the live broadcast of Big Brother, what is certain is that the first part of the episode will be dedicated to the exit of Marco from the GF (with the actor who could appear in the studio to tell his story finally) as well as the completely wrong attitude on the part of some of the program’s competitors, whose ways led to the abandonment of Bellavia.

Alfonso Signorini will be called to a necessary awareness on the part of the ” Vippons ” regarding the words they used with Marco, and, in the most severe cases, there is talk of the expulsion of some characters from the House, given that the program regulation has some stringent rules, especially regarding respect between competitors.

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The hypothesis of exclusion, however, is not the only one, since the GF could also take a softer and more permissive path, sending in nominations a large part of the cast of the program, who proved not only not very polite towards Bellavia, but also very little empathetic and attentive against the malaise of others, despite repeated requests for help.

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