Gianmarco Tamberi is champion of Europe and dedicates the victory to his girlfriend

Gianmarco Tamberi

The rain and the triumph, the leaps of joy and the kiss to Chiara Bontempi, his future wife. Gimbo dedicates the gold to a new chapter to be written: he points to the ring finger and prepares for the wedding

Just as Gianmarco Tamberi had then fought for a chased dream for 1841 days, so yesterday he proved that it has always been driven by a single engine, love.

If there is one thing that we have been carrying with us since last summer, it is contained in the incredible jumps of Gianmarco Tamberi.

Tokyo 2020, the story of a champion, able to change the rules of the game with a bad back injury and a double gold on the podium (shared with colleague Mutaz Essa Barshim), was only at the beginning.

And that great dream, of flying to the top of the world, never ended.

And it is in Munich that, once again, Gianmarco Tamberi jumps and wins.

It is 2.30. The weather is not the best, so much so that the sportsman is not sure of his performance with a non-dry ground.

” I’m a speed jumper and I slide in the wet” , he says after the victory “But I said to myself: today or never. After what I’ve been through, I’m exploding with joy. I always find a strength inside me that stimulates me in front of obstacles, maybe it’s the blue jersey, the best jumps I’ve done with this one on. I was afraid of not being up to it. After Covid I almost wanted to stop so as not to give myself another disappointment, but I put my head down and now everything is beautiful.The stadium was magical “.

Another tangible dream again, there around his neck.

Gianmarco Tamberi wins another gold , leaves behind the German Potye with 2.27 and the Ukrainian Andriy Protsenko.

Gianmarco Tamberi dedicates the victory to his girlfriend

And when he wins, this time, he points to the ring finger and runs to Chiara (Bontempi, his future wife) while in the background “Bello e Impossible” becomes the soundtrack of a moment to be collected among the best memories of him.

“She is the woman of my life and she gives me the strength to go on,” says Gimbo of the woman he has chosen to marry and to whom he will swear eternal love in Pesaro on September 1st.

Gianmarco Tamberi stops for a moment, this time to measure the leaps of the heart: ” Now I concentrate on the bachelor party (it will be today, ed.): The friends wanted me to show up with the medal”.

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