Ginevra Lamborghini relationship now with her sister Elettra : ” I don’t talk to her “

Ginevra Lamborghini
Ginevra Lamborghini

Although the Ginevra Lamborghini tells about her more than a conflictual relationship with Elettra Lamborghini, who: “I don’t know if she will be so happy to see me here.”

The Big Brother VIP has officially started with a load of new competitors already talked about, starting from the ex of Belén Rodriguez Antonino Spinalbese and then moving on to Elenore Ferruzzi, Alberto De Pisis and Antonella Fiordelisi, up to the highly anticipated Ginevra, sister of the most popular Elettra.

Although the two girls, Ginevra and Elettra relationship with her sister Elettra: “I don’t talk to her” have never talked about their disagreements in the past, with the entry to GF Vip Ginevra, she began to tell about her more than a conflictual relationship with the singer of “Caramello”, who: “I don’t know if she will be so happy to see me here.”

This is how the new protagonist of the Canale 5 reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini began to open up about her family and the tensions that, for the past few years, would have arisen with her sister Elettra.

Ginevra Lamborghini relationship with Elettra Lamborghini

“We have no more relationships since 2019,” explained the 29-year-old Geneva before adding: “I was the only one in our family not to be invited to her wedding “, the 29-year-old admitted referring to the marriage celebrated in September 2020 at the villa Balbiano (on Lake Como) between Elettra and Afrojack.

“I suffer but I have tried to find a dialogue. When she is ready, I’m here”, continued the competitor of the GF Vip, declaring herself available for a reconciliation with her sister, who, who knows, could also take place live on TV during the next episodes of the reality show hosted by Signorini.

Although at the moment, neither of the two Lamborghini sisters wanted to unbutton the reasons that would have led the two girls to move away from each other, according to what was reported in unsuspecting times by the gossip expert Santo Pirrotta during the transmission Every In the morning, Elettra would be furious with Ginevra after discovering that she was secretly recording her first single, keeping her in the dark.

This gesture would have led the 28-year-old singer to distance herself from her sister Ginevra.

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