Giorgia Meloni: First woman premier of the Italian Republic

Giorgia Meloni
Giorgia Meloni: First woman premier of the Italian Republic

The private life of the leader,Giorgia Meloni, of Fratelli D’Italia, from comrade Andrea Giambruno to her sister Arianna

At the end of the 2022 political elections, which ended by sanctioning the victory of Giorgia Meloni, the first female premier in the history of the Italian Republic.

An almost announced victory: the leader of the Brothers of Italy was favored by almost all the polls, whose projections were then confirmed during the polls.

Giorgia Meloni and her sister Arianna

If everything has now been said and written about the electoral program of the new premier, there has never been much talk about Giorgia’s private life, even though the leader of the Brothers of Italy has told about her past in the autobiography I’m Giorgia.

My roots are my ideas, where Meloni talked about her childhood marked by the abandonment of her father, who left her, her mother, and her sister Arianna when her daughters were still very small.

“He left home when I was one year old. He lived in the Canaries, and we went to him for one or two weeks a year, and that’s it. When I was eleven, he gave a speech that shouldn’t be given to a little girl, and I said, “I don’t want to see you ever again.” When he died, I didn’t manage to feel emotion; it’s as if he were a stranger”, Meloni said, speaking of his father.

She is very attached to her sister, who recently dedicated a support post to her for the electoral campaign.

“Good work, my sister, and I am not the only one. We are many this time!”

Giorgia Meloni and her studies

Graduating from linguistic high school, Giorgia Meloni speaks four languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, and Italian).

She has never attended university because her family’s economic conditions did not allow her to continue her studies.


She also revealed:” As soon as I can, I watch films in their original language. I learned Spanish in the Canaries, where my dad lived, and I also tried to study German ».

Giorgia Meloni is also a journalist, just like her partner Andrea.

Before becoming one of the best-known faces of the Italian right, Meloni carried out numerous jobs ranging from babysitting to waitress, also working as a bartender for the historic Piper of Rome.

Giorgia Meloni and Andrea Giambruno

Giorgia Meloni has been engaged for 7 years to Andrea Giambruno, journalist and television presenter and author of important television programs such as Quinta Colonna, Matrix, Mattino 5, and Stasera Italia.

Although Giorgia and her partner are close-knit, in the Meloni house, there often seems to be strong confrontation because, as the 45-year-old often jokes, the winner of the 2022 elections lives with an “enemy in the house” since Giambruno is left-wing and has no idea of ​​changing their political beliefs.

The bond between Giorgia Meloni and Andrea Giambruno led to the birth of their daughter Ginevra which, in recent weeks, has faced the first day of elementary school.

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