Giorgia Soleri, Damiano dei Måneskin’s girlfriend: “I only make hair between the eyebrows”

Giorgia Soleri

The question can only be one: can hair (really) still cause a sensation in 2022 ?!

“A merry Christmas with the hair so as not to miss arguments for discussion with bigoted relatives.” This is the caption with which Giorgia Soleri, Damiano David ‘s girlfriend

Måneskin, accompanied the photo that portrays her smiling and posing, but the detail of the hair under the armpits has not escaped even the less attentive, thus sparking a social controversy. 

Although she had ironized about the bigoted reactions that her relatives might have at the sight of the hairs, Giorgia Soleri had not foreseen being able to become an (easy) target of the keyboard lions who hide behind fake profiles on Instagram. 

The girlfriend of the MammaMia singer has responded vigorously to the criticisms accusing the social people of having raised an unnecessary fuss also because no person would ever dream of going to comment on the photo of a man who shows the hair accusing him of poor hygiene.

Damiano dei Maneskin’s girlfriend, amazed by so much noise aroused at the sight of just a little hair under the armpits (we all have them, we would add), wanted to emphasize that hair also exists to protect certain areas of the body from bacteria. . 

Giorgia Soleri joins the list of women who have shown themselves

Giorgia Soleri joins the list of women who have shown themselves to the whole world in their naturalness and specifically with unshaved armpits, like Katy Perry who stopped shaving since she became a mother or Lourdes Ciccone (Madonna’s daughter, ed . ) who has been pursuing this personal choice for years.

In fact, this is a completely personal choice that concerns only the individual freedom of each of us: this type of decision cannot and must not be judged or criticized, as Giorgia Soleri made us know . 

then shown in the stories of Instagram even her legs are not shaved, confessing that she has hair all over her body because she chooses not to shave.

“I have them all over my body, the only place where I still get them is between the eyebrows. The rest of my body is covered with the natural hair you get without hair removal. There are x reasons why a person can stop shaving. ” 

Centering exactly the crux of the matter, Giorgia Soleri turns the spotlight on the fact that hair removal would still seem to be subject to social judgment and that the real problem is the “annoyance” given by the sight of hair on women’s bodies, which by convention should be as much smooth and perfect as possible. 

However, since these are real bodies also made of hair, in 2022 the freedom of women not to shave should no longer be the subject of discussion that collides and divides opinion in two.

Giorgia has collected and saved in the featured stories of her IG profile the videos in which she responds in kind to all the absurd comments she received between the evening of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when several people have started to argue and to discuss about it. to the hair of a person they don’t know. 

In 2022, is there really a need to reaffirm that each of their bodies can do what they want?

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