Giulia Stabile: Ready for new edition of Amici and dedicates a post to her

Giulia Stabile
Giulia Stabile

The dancer, Giulia Stabile, confirmed among the talent professionals, shared on Instagram a message for the show that launched her in the entertainment world and where she found love.

Amici has ushered in a new season with new professors, new dynamics, and a new class.

News immediately inflamed the social networks, and many confirmations outlined the super-winning comfort zone of the program.

An example? The unmistakable laugh of Giulia Stabile.

The dancer, who won the talent show two years ago, was confirmed again this year in the ranks of professionals, and in the first episode, she entered the audience’s roar.

On Instagram Giulia’s dedicated the new edition of Amici

The program to which she owes so much of her that she made her leap into the world of entertainment, allowing her passion for becoming a job, and not insignificant detail, even to find love.

Giulia Stabile dedicates a post to Amici

Giulia Stabile’s dedication to the new edition of Amici is a concentration of sweetness and gratitude; seeing is believing.

“Friends has always been my favorite program,” wrote Giulia Stabile on Instagram to celebrate the new edition of Maria De Filippi’s talent, “after everything I’ve experienced in the last 2 years, there is a part of my heart that belongs to this program “.

She calls herself “incredulous” for her second year on the other side of the fence, that of the professionals.”

Last year, it was really special to be close to the boys in the room; I tried to give them everything I thought could help them, and obviously, I fell in love with everyone,” continued the first winning dancer of Amici in twenty-one editions, wondering what her will reserve this year and promising the full commitment evidenced by the videos and shots of his hard work in the room.

“I like the new class, the boys are very strong, and all this motivates me even more,” he concluded, “in all this, I can’t wait to be able to go back to the studio to dance; I hope you too.”

Her post is embellished with a roundup of videos and photos: from her images of her in her studio for her second year as a professional back to the moment she entered the school, making her biggest dream come true in between the films of sweat and fatigue in the rehearsal room.

Giulia Stabile shared a post on her Instagram Account of the live performance

Two years ago, Giulia’s life changed: with her spontaneity, so rare on the small screen, she entered the hearts of viewers and also of Maria De Filippi, who took her under her wing, promising her maternal affection, protection, and advice.

Her most important recommendation than her is to always and only choose projects of value.

In addition to Tu Si Que Vales and Amici 2022, the young and talented dancer dubbed a movie for Netflix and was a guest of Roberto Bolle’s final show of One Dance at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

At his side for two years, Sangiovanni, known among the show stalls: despite the young age, the popularity of both in constant rise, and the sometimes morbid attention of the media, the couple has important projects.

“I’m only twenty years old, and the one with Sangiovanni is my first love, but it’s not only the age or the fact that it’s the first love that counts,” @Giugiulola recently told TPI, “what kind of person is close to you and the person that I have by my side I think is the right person for me.

I met him at a conscious age, knowing he was the right person for me.

So, I’ll tell you: “Yes, Sangiovanni is the person with whom I would like to have a family.”»

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