Glenn Close: Achievements in the long career of film icon

Glenn Close
Glenn Close

Glenn Close, one of the best actresses of the time, who has been able to build a successful career going far beyond those “bad” roles that helped make her famous.

An undisputed diva, not just from Hollywood: raise your hand if you don’t know and appreciate Glenn Close.

She is the protagonist of dozens of unforgettable films and the recipient of many of the most popular awards relating to Seventh Art.

She has collected 8 Oscar nominations; in this respect, she holds the record; even if, ironically, she never won the coveted statuette.

But it doesn’t matter. Glenn Close will remain an icon, thanks to his long and successful film career.

Glenn Close, born on March 19, 1947, is from an aristocratic family; her father, a surgeon, opened a clinic in the Belgian Congo in 1960.

Glenn, however, commuted to Switzerland to attend a prestigious boarding school.

From the age of 7 to 22, she was also part of a religious sect which, as she said, resulted in a traumatic experience.

In 1974, after earning a degree in anthropology and theater in Virginia, she moved to New York taking her first steps as a theater actress; within a few years, her talent allowed her to win her first critical acclaim.

Its debut on the big screen dates back to 1982: it is the film The world according to Garp by George Roy Hill.

The protagonist is Robin Williams, and Glenn Close is a minor part, yet it earned her her first Oscar nomination.

The second came in 1984, thanks to his performance in The Big Chill, and the third the following year, for the film The Best, also starring Robert Redford and Kim Basinger.

Achievements of Glenn Close

Glenn Close – Fatal Attraction: the association is immediate.

And the famous 1987 film, directed by Adrian Lyne, and co-star Michael Douglas, marked the consecration of the American actress.

Impossible to forget the stalker Alex Forrest, who, among other things, occupies the seventh place in the list of the saddest characters in cinema history.

And that brought her her fourth Oscar nomination.

After this title, an undisputed cult, in 1988 came another success: Dangerous Liaisons by Stephen Frier.

Flanked by colleagues of the caliber of John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer, Glenn Close confirmed her di lei stuff di lei-also in this case, the character is treacherous, the Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil-and won her fifth Oscar nomination.

Looking back to the 1990s, the titles that make Glenn Close‘s filmography shine are The Von Bulow Mystery (1990), co-star Jeremy Irons; Hamlet (1990) by Franco Zeffirelli, whose cast also includes Mel Gibson and

; Temptation of Venus (1991) by István Szabó.

In the blockbuster film Hook, Glenn Close has instead played a cameo that is all to be tasted.

In 1993 he was part of the stellar cast of Bille August‘s The House of the Spirits; with her, on the set, Meryl Streep, Jeremy Irons, Winona Ryder, Vanessa Redgrave, and Antonio Banderas.

In 1996 she was entrusted with another decisive role: that of Cruella (or Cruella) de Mon in charge of 101 by Stephen Herek.

Still awful, still acclaimed from all over the globe.

Constantly referring to the nineties, it is also worth mentioning the films Air Force One, Cookie’s Fortune, and Tarzan; for the latter, by Disney, Glenn Close lent his voice to Kala.

Looking back over Glenn Close‘s films, it becomes clear that the passage of time hasn’t had any negative influence.

Indeed, the Hollywood star continued to reap successes.

She is showing her versatility more and more clearly.

Because yes, she specializes in the role of “bad,” also under her countenance; but she also knows how to immerse herself perfectly in entirely different roles.

Rodrigo Garcia directs both films, like the gynecologist in Things I Know About Her (2000) and the woman who loses her daughter in 9 female lives (2005).

Also, in 2000 she returned to play the role of Cruella in charge of 102 – A new blow from the tail, repeating the success of the first chapter.

After having acted, with more than favorable results, in the TV series The Shield and Damages, in 2011, she was again directed by Rodrigo Garcia in the film Albert Nobbs, of which she is also the screenwriter and producer, which earned her – among other things – the sixth Oscar nomination and one Golden Globe nomination.

In 2014 he made his entry into the cast of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, grossing a whopping 750 million dollars; after a hiatus in which she devoted herself to the beloved theater, in 2017, she starred in Mystery at Crooked House and in The wife – Living in the Shadows, for which she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Film and obtained the seventh Oscar nomination.

The most recent roles of Glenn Close

Glenn Close is in the cast of American Elegy, a 2020 film directed by Ron Howard with the production of Netflix; alongside him is Amy Adams; this is the adaptation of the memoir by JD Vance.

And with this title, he earned his eighth (for the moment last) Oscar nomination.

In 2021 he joined Mila Kunis in the drama Four Good Days, once again directed by Rodrigo Garcia; in the same year, she played Doctor Scott in the science fiction film Swan Song, released by Apple TV +.

Glenn Close has blown 75 candles but has no intention of stopping: he stars in The Deliverance, the latest film by Lee Daniels, inspired by a confirmed case of exorcism and which will be distributed by Netflix in 2022; in Max Barbakow‘s Brothers, opposite Josh Brolin and Peter Dinklage; in the second season of Tehran, a TV series broadcast AppleTV +, playing the role of an undercover spy.

And other titles will come, there is no doubt.

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