Gordon Ramsey’s “Awkward” video on a farm is already viral on TikTok now

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey has had to endure all kinds of criticism

In addition to his incredible talent for cooking, British chef Gordon Ramsey is also recognized worldwide for his explosive personality and for some of his controversial reactions in his famous gastronomic shows: ‘ MasterChef ‘ and ‘ Kitchen Nightmare ‘.

Now, the famous chef, who has accumulated more than fifteen Michelin stars throughout his career, has made headlines again after the publication of a video during a visit to a farm, which left him in a very bad position in front of the Internet users, since they have called it “embarrassing”, “unpleasant” and even “evil”.

Gordon Ramsey’s “Awkward” video on a farm is already viral on TikTok

Recently, a video of Gordon Ramsey posted on his Tik Tok account sparked an intense debate among users of this social network, who were surprised to see the coldness with which the famous chef chose a lamb in a farmyard .

Upon entering, Ramsey frivolously rubs his hands and expresses the following: “I’m going to eat you.”

Then he manages to jump over the barnyard fence and says: “which one goes to the oven first?”, pointing to one of the ten little lambs that were in the place.

Immediately, he chooses one and says “You”.

At the moment, the controversial video titled “The lamb sauce has not yet been found in the making of this video”, which refers to an episode that went viral in 2006 when he asked other chefs where the sauce was for the lamb, already has more than 11.7 million views on his Tik Tok account and almost 30,000 comments, of which a large majority are critical of the chef’s embarrassing attitude.

Among the most prominent comments, the following stand out: “Gordon about to be the main villain in the stories of vegan teachers”, “Gordon, I think you need a break from Tik Tok”, “I like you, but I hope you are not speaking in serious”, “I have lost all respect for Gordon Ramsey”, “Gordon, no! They are very small”.

PETA reacted to the controversial video of Gordon Ramsey

Elisa Allen, representative of PETA (people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) sent an official statement to ‘Insider’ to criticize Ramsey’s behavior.

“Gordon Ramsey in a callous man who makes a fool of himself. Bullying gentle lambs is rude, it’s not fun.”

In addition, the members of this non-profit association that fight for animal rights asked that the five children of the British chef “repudiate” him for his actions.

“What would be funny is if his children became vegan and disowned him, in the same way that Elon Musk’s daughter disowned her father.

“To culminate the statement, Allen stated the following: “Those lambs are just babies who do not expect much from life, but the opportunity to live it fully and not end up in the mouth of this man, or any other person,” he said activist in the official statement.

This would be the second time that PETA attacks the chef, since in 2015 they also spoke out when he decided to use a chimpanzee to record ” MasterChef “.

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