Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde under crises in New York

Harry Styles , Olivia Wilde
Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde in New York

“Don’t worry darling” the film title that made Styles and Olivia know and fall in love with, although according to the latest gossip coming from America, it seems that there is not so much to rest assured.

Although the couple, Styles and Olivia, formed by the singer of “As it was “and the former star of The OC have always seemed close since the promotional tour of the film began, which sees them among the protagonists, the rumors about a hypothetical separation between Harry and Olivia have become more and more frequent.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde at Venice Film Festival 2022

At the eventful preview that took place at the Venice Film Festival, 2022 (where there was much talk of the famous spit that Styles would have directed towards his colleague Chris Pine as well as the absence of Florence Pugh from the press conference that preceded the screening of the film) in many had noticed not only how Styles and Wilde have been careful not to be immortalized next to each other in front of photographers, but also how the 28-year-old singer has answered a sharp “No” in front of the journalists who they asked to pose next to Olivia.

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Then, however, even on the occasion of the recent presentation of the film Don’t worry darling in New York, Harry (star of the film My policeman ) continued to keep his distance from Wilde, triggering even more suspicions about a possible crisis that could be crossing the couple, whose dating began in January 2020.

“I think Harry + Olivia got separated or had a fight. They actively avoid eye contact”, a user chirped, “I think Harry and Olivia will separate shortly” he then added a second, sure that between the pop star of ” Matilda ” and the director is now gone forever.

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Could it be time for a crisis between Styles and Wilde?

As reported by the Sun, no, even if the distance that the two actors maintain on the red carpet does not bode well for the continuation of the relationship.

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