Harry Styles talks about meaning of “Don’t worry Darling” at its premier

Harry Styles

At the Venice Film Festival to present the film Don’t Worry Darling, Haryy Styles spoke with director Olivia Wilde about the meaning of the film, between women’s rights and to distinguish our digital life from the offline one.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde arrived on separate taxi-boats, they are distant during the usual photos and also at the table of the press conference of their film, “Don’t worry darling” (world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and in cinemas from 22 September).

But they don’t give it to anyone to drink: Olivia Wilde constantly has her eyes on her partner, Harry Styles.

Between one controversy and the other that has invested the film, to which is added the turbulent cause of custody of the two children with the ex Jason Sudeikis, the actress – and in this case also the director – tries to dodge the blows.

Harry Styles at the premier of “Don’t worry Darling

Harry Styles knows very well that he is the main attraction of the whole festival and, as much as I try to keep a low profile, this couple’s outing has attracted attention from all over the world and fans from all over Europe., crowded outside the Palazzo del Cinema del Lido already the day before the red carpet.

Trailer of “Don’t worry Darling”

There is a small community of the sixties that live a happy existence: always shines, the houses are polished, the women always have impeccable style and the husbands hold the reins of marriage.

Nothing is as it seems and Jake’s (Harry Styles) marriage to Alice (Florence Pugh) starts to creak after a few awareness gains from her.

Olivia Wilde plays the couple’s neighbor and directs a picture full of shadows, a metaphor for our days.

She wants to be provocative, she says, and talk about abuse, equality, beauty, and chaos.

“There is also another aspect, the complicity of the female universe in perpetuating a patriarchal society. For once I would like this story to make everyone feel heard and seen”.

The antidote to isolation, according to the actor, pop star, and former One Direction (now 28 years old), is all in the social network:

“For me – he says – it is crucial to surround myself with the right people, from relatives to friends. The family you choose changes your life path. Far be it from me to demonize social media, but you have to follow the instinct to select who is next to you and make a distinction between what is real and what is virtual “.

The film focuses on the idea that only perfection can lead to happiness, but he hardly believes in it:

“I’m someone who doesn’t make plans or look at things in the long term. I live for the day, I follow the flow, I let myself go and do what I like and in this case, it means reconciling two careers, that of a singer and that of an actor, ranging from one to the other without precluding anything. And I will do it as long as he continues to enjoy keeping my feet in two shoes. ‘

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