Harry Styles twists his look for video ‘Music for a sushi restaurant’

Harry Styles

The singer Harry Styles turns into a merman in the video clip accompanying his latest single.

The video of the new song by Harry Styles,” Music for a Sushi Restaurant“, has been released for a few hours but is already making a lot of talk for the utterly new look sported by the singer in the video clip of the song, third extract of the album Harry’s house after “As it was” and “Late night talking”.

In “Music for a sushi restaurant“, Harry not only exhibits an impressive beard in the style of Tom Hanks in Cast Away, but his body is also very different from what we all know. Styles appear in a “newt” version with a squid tail.

Harry Styles’ video ‘Music for a sushi restaurant’

Harry Styles’ video ‘Music for a sushi restaurant’

Earlier this week, the former One Direction released a teaser trailer that anticipated the release of the new single.

It promoted the unlikely opening of a sushi restaurant called Gill’s Lounge, complete with a website, photos and a rich one. Menu.

Yet another more than a genial publicity stunt that Styles, who, over the years, has managed to become one of the most loved and acclaimed artists in the world, and this not only regards the world of Music.

After his film debut in Dunkirk and the small cameo in Eternals, the artist had a starring role in Don’t worry darling, the film presented at the Venice Film Festival 2022, on the set of which not only the love between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde.

The film, in fact, also caused some friction between the director and some members of the cast, starting with Florence Pugh and Shia LeBeouf, who then decided not to take part in the film project anymore.

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After the release of Don’t worry darling, it was the turn of My policeman, now streaming on Amazon Prime, a film where Harry Styles plays the role of a homosexual policeman whose love life cannot be lived in the light of day. Because of too many prejudices of society.

In short, a man with a thousand facets, the singer of “Kiwi “, today more than ever disputed by the world of music, cinema and fashion, where he has been dictating the law for several years now, becoming a real “guru” of fashion able to anticipate and create new trends.

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