HBO Max offers discounts of more than 40% to retain subscribers now


Due to all the content that Warner Bros. Discovery is removing from HBO Max, the platform offers promotions of more than 40% discount in order to keep its subscribers. Will we get to see this in Spain?

Right now HBO Max is being in complete chaos as a result of the merger between Warner Bros and Discovery , not only because of the cancellation of Batgirl by Warner despite having the film almost finished , but also because of all the original content that is disappearing from the platform .

These drastic platform restructuring measures can trigger a massive loss of subscribers, especially considering that HBO Max will be replaced in 2023 by a new service combined with Discovery Plus .

HBO Max offers discounts of more than 40% to retain subscribers

That is why Warner Bros. Discovery is offering discounts of more than 40% on HBO Max in order to retain subscribers and also try to attract new customers.

According to Deadline , the company is offering limited-time discounts on HBO Max for new and existing subscribers, with quite interesting savings considering the imminent release of the long-awaited Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon .

House of the Dragon
House of the Dragon | LivNews24

Anyone who signs up for a full-year plan before October 30 will pay $104.99 for the ad-free tier and $69.99 for the ad-supported tier, a 30% savings compared to current rates of $149. .99 and 99.99 dollars respectively, even reaching a savings of 42% if we compare it with the monthly rates.

These discounts are being offered in the United States and at the moment it is not known if we will have something similar in Spain , so we will have to wait to know more details about it.

Even with all these offers, there are not a few users who wonder if HBO Max is so worth it, since now it has been decided to change the release plan and Warner films will no longer reach HBO Max 45 days after their premiere in theaters .

As if that were not enough, it was also announced that at the end of August the 8 Harry Potter movies will no longer be available on HBO Max , one of the main pillars of the platform, which can cause many subscribers to leave the platform even with discounts.

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