hdhub4u: Everything Everywhere All At Once: In cinemas Now

hdhub4u: everything everywhere all at once

hdhub4u: Sausage fingers, parallel worlds and existentialism – «Everything Everywhere All At Once» is the craziest sci-fi fantasy comedy of the year. Now in cinemas.

The essentials in brief
• «Everything Everywhere All At Once» is the second feature film 
    by the director duo  «Daniels».
•  Michelle Yeoh takes on the leading role - Jamie-Lee Curtis convinces as the antagonist.
•  See it in our cinemas now!

hdhub4u: Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert already celebrated their first cinema success as the directing duo “Daniels” with their weird debut work “Swiss Army Man”.

Now her new film is out: “Everything Everywhere All At Once” is a firework of absurdity with a lot of weird humor. 

In addition to the interdimensional action, the feature film also deals with themes such as existentialism and Asian-American identities. 

The science fiction comedy is now in our cinemas.

hdhub4u: Heroine is elderly Asian immigrant woman

Revamped Evelyne Wang goes under. 

Her laundromat is about to collapse, her marriage is in tatters and her relationship with her daughter is in tatters. 

As if that weren’t enough, her laundry is checked by the tax office.

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Going to the tax inspector messes up her world – literally. Space and time dissolve. Evelyn suddenly finds herself in various parallel worlds. In one she’s a movie star, in the other a cook and in the third she has sausage fingers – their identities are diverse.

But the multiverse also has its advantages: namely, she can access the abilities of her parallel lives. Actually still practical, because she was entrusted with a big task: save the world from the unknown evil.

hdhub4u: everything everywhere all at once
Jamie Lee Curtis made her acting debut in the horror film Halloween. Various appearances in other horror films brought her the takeover “Scream Queen”. 
– Filmcoopi Zurich AG

hdhub4u: Wuxia starlet meets “Scream Queen”

Evelyne is an elderly housewife, mother and emigre from China. Such characters rarely play the heroines of the story. That’s exactly what attracted Michelle Yeoh. “It was wonderful to give this woman a loud voice,” said the movie star in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

The “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” star can look back on a successful cinema career in China and Hollywood. She also draws on her kung fu skills in her latest role as Evelyne.

As an antagonist, Michelle Yeoh faces Jamie Lee Curtis. A game at eye level – the acting icon convinces as an evil financial advisor. With horn-rimmed glasses and a belly hanging out, she makes life difficult for Evelyne.

Without a fat suit or prostheses: Curtis shows her natural curves in the film. «My instruction to everyone was: I don’t want to hide anything. I’ve been sucking in my stomach since I was 11,” Curtis wrote on Instagram.hdhub4u

The film is enjoyable entertainment and asks some existential questions. Thanks to the outstanding cast, the madness doesn’t degenerate, but keeps its feet on the ground.

Part action-fantasy overkill, part touching existentialist story about family and migration. “Everything at once” is also the program in terms of content. The film is difficult to classify. As the “Daniels” write on Twitter, this is intentional: “We try to fight everything that forces categorization.”

hdhub4u: The original sci-fi fantasy comedy is in cinemas now

Anyone who likes to let curiosities run free and prefers to watch them, will not be disappointed by «Everything Everywhere All At Once». 

hdhub4u: everything everywhere all at once
Yeoh has not received any official kung fu training. She learned the martial arts in preparation for a role. 
– Filmcoopi Zurich AG

A crazy science fiction fantasy flick with good laughs and an even better cast. 

You can find more information about the film and the running times in cinemas here .

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