Helene Fischer: Fans moan about their sales posts Now

Helene Fischer

This is not necessarily new for Helene Fischer (37). 

But their fans are getting a little on their nerves.

Because the only thing the singer regularly posts on her Instagram account are

sales-promoting entries.

In 2019, Fischer had taken a break. 

In the past year, she then deleted numerous images on her site. 

She recently gave birth to her first daughter.

Now the hit queen is promoting the fifth anniversary of her record “Helene Fischer”.

In addition, a video and a text from your (PR) team.

We are united by a piece of infinity, every dream of ours should be eternal. 

We’re celebrating an anniversary! 

Five years ago today, Helene released her album of the same name, as the seventh studio album. 

Your team Helene.

Helene Fischer And Thomas Seitel-

“Helene Fischer with her partner Thomas Seitel.

She takes a stand on the leaked baby news.

The singer announces an extended tour for 2022.

A fan posts under the entry: “Incredible that there are only posts when there is something to report!” 

Another says: “Boaaaah my heart hey, every time. And then I see Team Helene. I can’t do it anymore.

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