“I am a woman, but also a man”: Arisa and the genderfluid revelation on Instagram


The singer of “La notte” returns to talk about the freedom to be herself

After ending the relationship with Vito Coppola (met in Dancing with the stars in 2021and attended for about a year), Arisa landed on Instagram to share a message linked to uniqueness, the beauty of diversity and self-acceptance with her followers.

Short hair, completely naked (but with her breasts covered by a shower of pixels) and with a proud gaze turned in favor of the lens,

Arisa landed on Instagram

It is with this strong and very powerful image that Arisa has decided to speak sincerely about the most private and intimate part.

Of his life, telling himself (and showing himself) for the umpteenth time without filters.

“They are all women, but I am also a man and there is nothing wrong with myself,” wrote the singer of ” The night “ next to the shot.

This, then, is not the first time that the singer of ” Tu mi perdiciòn ” has addressed the theme of her own sexuality and identity: during a guest on Pierluigi Diaco’s program, the 39-year-old had expressed her desire to be reborn as a hermaphrodite , that is, without being neither a man nor a woman.

«Battiato always told me that when we kill our body in reality our soul also goes away and does not unite with the other particles to create new life. 

Instead, I hope to live forever and that one day my soul will give birth to a better human being. Maybe a hermaphrodite. 

Because so you are everything », said the winning artist of Sanremo in 2016 with the song ” Controvento “.

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