Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti end up in court now

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti
Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti

Ilary Blasi and Francesco have not found an agreement, so the judge will decide. And Francesco celebrates his birthday with Noemi Bocchi.

The idyll between Francesco Totti and Ilary has broken forever, with the former couple now ready to go to court as, at the moment, she has not been able to reach a separation agreement that satisfies both parties.

After having sought an agreement that would lead the former sportsman and the presenter to a consensual separation, Ilary and Francesco are now ready for a separation court that will move to a courtroom.

At the center of the dispute, there is a huge heritage still to be shared which consists of the huge 25-room Eur villa, companies, shops, restaurants, shares and, of course, the amount that must be indicated on the allowance for alimony that Francesco will have to pay to his ex-wife every month.

End of Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti’s relation

In short, the meat on the fire is so much and, according to the rumors that meander in the capital, it seems that neither the former Roma striker nor the presenter of L’Isola Dei Familia intends to raise the white flag without fighting.

Waiting to find out how the separation between Totti and Blasi will end, on 27 September Francesco blew the candles on his first 46 years.

A different birthday than usual that of Francesco Totti who, for the first time in years, spent it without Ilary but in the company of Chanel, Cristian, Noemi Bocchi (who organized the party) and some old friends like Alex Nuccetelli who, in the last few hours, a warning was sent by Blasi after having talked for weeks and weeks about the most intimate and personal details of the ex-couple’s private life, “in the face of the persevering work of propagating information that is clearly false and having a defamatory content.”

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“Having the lawyers write to me and proceeding against me means proceeding against a poor person. Mrs. Ilary Blasi, I remind you that our acquaintance and our meeting have literally changed your life for the better, but not mine which had abnormal difficulties “, said Alex in a video posted on Instagram before adding:” I’m happy that we go in this direction, at least in this way I get rid of everything completely.”

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