Rolex Affair: Ilary Blasi and Totti ready to battle in courtroom

Ilary Blasi
Ilary Blasi

The former footballer Francesco Totti returns to discuss the end of the marriage with Ilary Blasi, the Rolex affair, and the 100 pairs of shoes that “disappeared” from his ex-wife’s wardrobe.

These days are full of twists and turn for Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, who have become undisputed gossip protagonists.

After the two ex-spouses told without too many words of their respective betrayals, the disappearance of his Rolex from the safe, and the disappearance of her designer bags, today, the 100 shoes of Ilary Blasi held “hostage” by Totti in an attempt to get his precious watches back.

Ilary Blasi ends with Francesco Totti

After 20 years of living in harmony, today, the former sportsman and the presenter seem to be increasingly at loggerheads and ready to do battle in a courtroom on October 14, the day on which a judge of the civil court of Rome will have to determine whether the bags of Chanel, Gucci and Dior will have to return to Blasi’s hands as well as if the ex-footballer’s limited edition Rolexes can return to Totti’s wrist.

Within the long list of “stolen” objects between Ilary and Totti, however, there are not only handbags, watches, and shoes (such as Jimmy Choo, Amina Muaddi, Chanel, Le Silla, Casadei) but also belts, jewelry, and designer clothes that Ilary has every intention of being returned by her ex-husband.

“She went with her father to empty the safety deposit boxes and took away my watch collection. There are some very valuable Rolexes. And what was I supposed to do? I concealed the bags from her, expecting for swap,” theTitti revealed during an interview with Della Sera.

This was until the last few hours when Francesco Totti (ready to move to his new home in Vigna Clara, a district of Northern Rome where he will live with Noemi Bocchi ) was approached by Valerio Staffelli of Striscia the news of the delivery of the infamous Golden Tapir.

“Don’t tell Ilary. Otherwise, it’ll make this disappear too,” the satirical program correspondent jokes during the delivery of the Tapiro to Totti, making an apparent reference to the watches stolen from the former football player.

“She is from Magica, but Ilary made the magic that made all the watches disappear,” urges Staffelli before asking Francesco what bothers him most between the teasing of Lazio or the Instagram posts of Ilary Blasi on Rolex.

“I don’t look at anything, neither of the one nor the other. I’m on the right side”, Totti replies, never so hermetic and willing to remain speechless (perhaps with the hope that his silence will help him get his watches back).

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