Ilary Blasi now having dinner with Francesco Totti at Rolex

Ilary Blasi anf Francesco Totti
Ilary Blasi anf Francesco Totti

The quarrel between Ilary Blasi and Totti is becoming more intricate than an episode of Beautiful.

If until the announcement of their separation Totti and Ilary had always been very discreet and had never made great use of social media, here is that after the news that formalized the end of their marriage, both the presenter as well as the former football player started to get busy on Instagram where, to the sound of posts and stories, digs and subliminal messages are launched.

This is how after the scoop that revealed the maintenance that Ilary Blasi would have asked Francesco Totti for himself and for their three children (Cristian, Chanel, and Isabel), in these last hours to chat the world of gossip and the new video published by the 41-year-old presenter who, during a walk through the streets of the center of Rome, has seen fit to create a story in front of the entrance to a Rolex store drawing attention, in a not so veiled way, to the insinuations made against her by Totti, who accused her of having taken possession of all his most precious watches by making them disappear from the safe that the couple kept at home.

Ilary Blasi, Totti, dinner with Noemi Bocchi at Rolex

Ilary Blasi with Francesco Totti at Rolex

Ilary Blasi‘s video was naturally very ironic and light but also direct and intense, especially since the presenter (so as not to go for the subtle) has seen fit to tag both the ex-husband as well as Striscia la news, which dealt very frequently with the current dispute between the two former spouses, especially regarding the Rolex issue.

A post that appeared in Blasi’s Instagram feed which, according to many, would have come in response to the photos published today that immortalized the former captain of Rome together with Noemi Bocchi ( Totti’s new girlfriend ) during a romantic dinner.

These images would not have done any pleasure to Ilary, which she would have thus replied in kind.

Instagram Post of Ilary Blasi at Rolex shared by ilary-blasi-fanpage
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At this point, we have to find out what will be the next move by Francesco Totti who, who knows, might even decide to take a selfie with the famous handbags that he admitted to having “stolen” from Ilary after discovering the disappearance of the Rolexes.

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