Ilary Blasi: Relationship between ex and new partner

Ilary Blasi
Ilary Blasi

The clip published on Ilary Blasi’s Instagram page cost the presenter dearly, while the relationship between the ex-husband and the new partner seems to be going well.

The video posted on Instagram by Ilary Blasi, where the presenter had immortalized herself in the streets of the center of Rome (to be precise, in the luxurious via Condotti) in front of a Rolex shop, had caused a lot of discussions, fueling even more gossip about the end of the marriage between the 41-year-old and Francesco Totti, now ready to leave the marital roof to move with Noemi Bocchi to his new home in Vigna Clara.

Blasi’s video at Rolex from Ilary Blasi Fanpage

Ilary Blasi’s end up with Totti

Today, however, thanks to Who, we discover a background on Ilary Blasi‘s Rolex video, which, once he turned off his mobile phone and returned to his car, was fined by the traffic police because his Smart had been parked in a no parking the order had already called a tow truck to take the vehicle away.

Fortunately, Ilary, after signing the report, was able to get back in possession of her car and return home without any problem.

A picture of Blasi and others at Rolex from capitanomiocapitano10
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In turn, Francesco Totti (who in the past few hours received the Tapiro d’Oro da Striscia the news for the history of watches, bags, and shoes stolen from the house he shares with Ilary Blasi ) was pinched by the paparazzi of Chi in the company of Noemi.

However, this time it was not the complicit smiles or the languid glances that the two lovebirds exchanged throughout the evening, but the almost identical rings that both wore on their fingers and which, according to what was reported by the direct magazine by Alfonso Signorini, would be much more than a promise.

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