Ilary Blasi: Split with Francesco, shares photo of daughter with him

Ilary Blasi with her daughter Chanel
Ilary Blasi with her daughter Chanel Totti

The presenter Ilary Blasi shared on a shot that portrays her with her second child, born from a relationship with Francesco Totti.

After weeks in which in the world of gossip, there has been no talk of anything other than the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, his new partner ( Noemi Bocchi ), her alleged flirtation (with Cristiano Iorvino ), the check maintenance from 37 thousand euros per month that the 41-year-old would have asked her ex-husband and the “mysterious” disappearance of the Rolexes and the bags that belonged to the former football player and the presenter, today it’s time to turn the page and talk about something else in a relationship at the Totti house, even if only temporarily.

Set aside the legal battle that sees Ilary and Totti increasingly at loggerheads and ready to go to court, the 41-year-old allowed herself a weekend of total relaxation in the company of her children (Cristian, Chanel, and Isabel) and a group of friends, with the which organized a short escape to the sea.

Ilary Blasi’s shares picture of second child Chanel

Although the showgirl has always been rather reluctant to show her boys in public, between a shot that immortalized her eating a plate of pasta with clams and one where she appeared together with the two sisters Silvia and Melory, Ilary Blasi on Instagram also published a photo that portrayed her next to her daughter Chanel who, with time, seems to resemble her more and more.

Long blond hair and the same beautiful look as her mother, the 15-year-old second child of Totti and Ilary Blasi has grown up compared to that little girl we had seen taking the field at the Olympic Stadium in May 2017, on the occasion of the farewell to football of her father, Francesco Totti.

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Shy, very embarrassed, and not accustomed to cameras, on that occasion, Chanel appeared a little uncomfortable with all eyes on her.

At the same time, today, only five years after that day, the daughter of Totti and Ilary seems to have no embarrassment in posing for a selfie that (you already know) will be published on Blasi’s Instagram profile, now reaching more than 2 million followers.

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