“I’m gay”: Madonna’s alleged Tik Tok video now


Madonna shared a video where she seemed to announce to the world that she is gay; however, she has little conviction and rather talked about queerbaiting.

Maybe today is Coming Out Day, when the gesture of telling one’s sexual orientation or gender identity is celebrated.

Still, on social media, the situation is getting out of hand, giving rise to some misunderstandings.

First, Iker Casillas posted a tweet in which he said he was homosexual and then withdrew everything stating that his profile had been hacked.

Then Emily Ratajkowski on TikTok posted an ironic video in which she hints at the possibility of being bisexual: the fans split between those who took her seriously and those who didn’t. 

Madonna’s alleged Tik Tok video

TikTok Video of Madonna from her Official TikTok Account

In the short clip on her TikTok channel, the 64-year-old singer tries to throw pink briefs inside the laundry basket.

Nothing strange so far, all in full Miss Ciccone style. In the video, however, we read the sentence: “If I can’t, it means I’m gay.”

She misses the shot, then looks straight into the camera and leaves.

Could it be just another provocation by the pop queen, or is something truthful?

Fans are asking this in these hours, even if many have already made an opinion pointing out that the singer has always publicly had only heterosexual relationships.

Sure, she kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera onstage at the MTV VMAs in 2003.

Still, the intent was clear in that case: provoke, amaze, play.

This time, however, the gesture was not understood. What did she mean?

Was she coming out as some claim? “I think everyone has a bisexual nature. That’s my theory, but I could be wrong,” she said in a 1991 interview with The Advocate that she is being revived right now. 

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However, the relationship between her and the LGBT + community is perplexing in this story, of which the artist has always been an undisputed icon.

The non-profit association GLAAD against homophobia defined her in 2019 as “an ally of change,” She has always sided with the community, helping to increase its visibility.

The idea that she now plays with the concept of coming out does not add up.

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