Infanta Cristina in reunion with Urdangarin: new pact with the press?

Infanta Cristina

The images of the ex-partner in Bidart (France) continue to speak

The meeting of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín continues to bring tail.

Those who were dukes of Palma met again in Bidart (France), a town near the Spanish border where both had already spent the summer for several years.

There, in Bidart, the mother of the former handball player has a house, with whom the sister of Felipe VI continues to maintain a wonderful relationship.

The point is that the reunion is giving a lot to talk about.

And it continues to be talked about because, they say, of the bodyguards themselves.

As reported by Carlos García López, a reporter for ‘Fresh’ (Ya Es Noon), the infanta’s security guards were to blame for the existence of photos of the meeting between the former son-in-law of Juan Carlos I and Cristina de Borbón.

According to García López, the bodyguards only prevented the clients of the beach bar where Iñaki and Infanta Cristina met again from taking snapshots.

However, they turned a blind eye to the paparazzi.

One of them from Hola magazine, which released the exclusive in its paper edition.

The Telecinco journalist has also been able to speak with some of the witnesses, who have provided him with more reliable information about what really happened at the Bidart beach bar.

Fool of the escorts of the infanta Cristina in her reunion with Urdangarin-

As García López explains, some of those present saw Urdangarín’s ex moments before the reunion meditating on a bench.

After a good while, she meditative, she got up and went to the appointment.

Was she interested in transcending this long-awaited reunion?

Did she have some kind of pact with the media? According to the ‘Fresh’ reporter, yes.

“According to what a witness tells me, the impression was that the Infanta Cristina was the one interested in transcending this unexpected reunion here in Bidart,” Carlos clarified before Miquel Valls.

A piece of information that, according to collaborator Isabel Rábago, smells bad: “Infanta Cristina wants Ainhoa ​​to see it.

If the escorts don’t want to, a camera doesn’t go up there. This benefits Infanta Cristina, yes. And Ainhoa ​​shouldn’t have sat down right”.

Some statements to which the former ‘Big Brother’ Suso Álvarez added fuel to the fire.

“If the security around you doesn’t want you to take pictures of them, they have a device to completely inhibit it. They let themselves be seen,” he says.

The soap opera continues to take shape.

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