Isabel Pantoja and the Spanish actor who drove her crazy, the secret relationship

Isabel Pantoja

Another relationship of the singer Isabel Pantoja that was an open secret

Isabel Pantoja will take many secrets to the grave.

The singer’s life is full of unknowns that, despite being open secrets, have never been confirmed.

And between them there are numerous sentimental relationships.

One of these presumed relations is the one that he would have maintained with Encarna Sánchez .

As we said, she has never been confirmed, but it has always been said that she had something with the journalist.

In fact, as we recently collected in this medium, the tonadillera would be very concerned about what can be said in the biography about Sánchez that Juan Luis Galiacho is about to publish.

Likewise, it has also been published that he could have had an affair with María del Monte , who recently came out of the closet.

Especially since both were very playful on the cover of a well-known magazine.

In this sense, some sources point out that his breakup with Encarna Sánchez was forged from the publication of these snapshots.

It seems that Encarna was very jealous and she couldn’t stand it.

Isabel Pantoja
Isabel Pantoja | LivNews24

Romance between Isabel Pantoja and José Coronado

But the alleged relationships with other women would not be the only ones that have been kept secret.

And it is that other men apart from Francisco Rivera Paquirri would also have passed through the life of Pantoja .

One of them would be José Coronado .

The award-winning and popular Spanish actor would also be part of the list of affairs that Isabel has had.

A story that would have happened at the end of the last century.

It all started in 1990 . Then Isabel Pantoja and José Coronado coincided in the movie ‘ Yo soy esa’ .

In it, both starred in a scene in which they kissed.

From there, the rumors began to emerge, as the members of the filming team sensed that the complicity between the two went beyond their respective roles in the film.

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