It will end worse than Carlota Corredera, for now they have already told her that she is no good as a presenter

Carlota Corredera

Carlota Corredera: The new acquisition of Telecinco as a presenter ends in disaster

Telecinco has a new presenter. It was Germán , editor of ‘ Sálvame ‘ , who broke the news live.

However, after his first appearances, his case may end up being like that of Carlota Corredera.

That is to say, that they do not summon her again in Mediaset as a presenter.

Terelu Campos recently took control of ‘ Sálvame‘ .

The oldest of the Campos was in charge of the afternoon program as a presenter.

A position that she has now inherited from her little sister, Carmen Borrego .

Although judging by the comments of the audience, it remains to be seen how long the daughter of María Teresa Campos lasts in the position.

Carlota Corredera out ,Carmen Borrego, new presenter in ‘Sálvame’

After having a heated discussion with Rafa Mora , Carmen Borrego received news that suddenly made her go through all the trouble.

Germán , the charismatic editor of ‘ Sálvame’ , left her position in the newsroom and made an appearance on the set to give the unexpected (and desired for her) news to Borrego .

She would be the one in charge of presenting a new space in ‘Sálvame’.

Borrego was delighted and happy with the proposal.

She and even she personalized this new section with a pet that she called ‘ Pototita’ and calling the viewers ‘borregones’.

A new section called ‘ It’s already eight to eight’ which made a clear reference to the old program ‘It’s already eight’.

A space that, in addition, premiered on the 8th of the 8th.

But judging by what she has shown in this new role, her stage as a presenter may not be as infinite as the symbol that represents the number.

It was her first time in this facet.

The Carmen Borrego Disaster

For one thing, Borrego had a hard time reading the script. And he was lost when he touched the entrance of some video.

In short, a disaster at the level of the first broadcast of ‘ Sálvame Sandía’ presented by Carlos Lozano .

A series of nonsense before which the audience passed sentence.

The comments can be summed up in laughter, which does not define whether they were positive or negative comments, and numerous criticisms of the new presenter.

Thats All we get to know About Carlota Corredera Till now , But We Are Excited to Deliver more update on this topic of Carlota Corredera

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