Jamie Campbell Bower: Lost the role of Harry Potter due to a joke

Jamie Campbell Bower
Jamie Campbell Bower

The Jamie Campbell Bower said he arrived at the audition, where he was expected for the lead role, and told a dirty joke, which left the chill in the room.

As Vekna, the terrifying patient Number 1 transformed by hatred from Stranger Things 4, he is barely recognizable.

Yet fans know very well that under the guise of the monster who gave Eleven a hard time, Steve and the others in Hawkins‘ company are the legendary James Campbell Bower.

Waiting to find out how the fifth and final season of Netflix‘s cult series will end, the actor gave an interview during an episode of Josh Horowitz‘s podcast.

Chatting with the author, Jamie Campbell Bower, who is beloved by the public for his many iconic roles in addition to that of Vekna, said he lost by a whisker the definitive one, that of Harry Potter in the homonymous saga inspired by the literary success of JK Rowling.

That time Jamie Campbell Bower lost the role of Harry Potter

Fortunately, Jamie Campbell Bower, with an extraordinary face and a perfect stage presence, was still taken for the part of the young mean Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1, even if the actor has always said, upon obtaining the audition, the production asked him to avoid dirty jokes.

In place of Daniel Radcliff, who later became Harry Potter, perfectly embodying his physical and psychological traits, we could have had Bower as a rising cinema star at that time.

What film saga would it have been? No wonder the Jamie Campbell Bower was also called for another iconic role, that of Edward Cullen from Twilight, later obtained by Robert Pattinson.

In that case, due to overlapping work, it was Jamie Campbell Bower who said no to the role: in the end, we saw him equally in the sequel to the New Moon saga in the part of Caius, confirming that his career had to go just like that, despite the whirlwinds of fate and lost opportunities.

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