Lindsay Lohan united with Jamie Lee Curtis on Freaky Friday set now

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan back together on Freaky Friday set

It’s 2003, Lindsay Lohan is still a minor, far from the world of gossip, and arrives at the cinema – after five years after The Parent Trap – with Freaky Friday together with Jamie Lee Curtis.

The actress would have spoken of the desire to return, after almost twenty years, to star in the film that drove all the Millennials crazy.

A film that becomes a success, a cult for the somewhat grown-up millennials who found themselves amidst the inevitable misunderstandings between a mother and a daughter in that film.

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Lindsay Lohan back together with Jamie Lee Curtis on Freaky Friday

And so, after almost twenty years, we return to talk about Crazy Friday.

It is the actress Jamie Lee Curtis who launches the idea by declaring to People the desire to return to acting with Lindsay Lohan, who, in the film, plays her daughter: “There is nothing I would like more than being able to work together again she,” said Curtis during the premiere of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery in Los Angeles, “I would like to share our time again especially now that we are 20 years older”.

Although she initially vaguely talked about any projects they could work on together, she later mentioned a possible sequel to Freaky Friday. “She is talking about it,” concluded the actress.

The idea of ​​working on the sequel to the cult 2000s cult had already been launched by Curtis herself last October with the idea of ​​partially modifying the plot by following the new generations that the two protagonists would live, a grandmother and a mother, who they involuntarily switch roles.

“I just want to see Lindsay as the sexy grandma and me as a modern-day mom to kids,” Curtis said.

Lohan also mentioned Freaky Friday during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show: “We talked about it while I was on another project. I was on a set, and when Jamie Lee Curtis wrote to me, I got very excited and inevitably got distracted. I had to come back down to earth; I kept telling myself: “I’m working, concentrate.” But when you said Crazy Friday the 2nd, I couldn’t help but get excited “.

Lindsay is all grown up. Today, less as Cady in Mean Girls and more as Sierra in Falling for Christmas, recently distributed by Netflix, has finally returned to the sets after having conquered a long-desired serenity.

Whether the mother-daughter duo will return is not sure, but it would be nice to find the actresses who grew up in a new chapter of the film to understand today’s mothers better, but above all, the grandmothers who never stop dreaming.

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