Jennifer Aniston now suffers from bad breath problems

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston suffers a condition that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), suffers from one in six people worldwide.

Although kissing scenes in Hollywood usually show a passionate love story, the truth is that they can be quite difficult to film, especially if one of the actors suffers from bad breath , since this unpleasant condition generates great tension and discomfort between them. the other cast members.

This is the case of Jennifer Aniston , who has been accused on several occasions of suffering from halitosis , a condition that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in six people worldwide suffer from.

Although scientific studies affirm that there are several causes for the appearance of ‘bad breath’, one of the most common causes is the lack of oral hygiene and the consumption of tobacco and cigarettes.

Although it is true that most of his fans would be totally delighted to kiss Jennifer Aniston, the reality is that his co-stars were not very fond of the idea due to their bad breath.

In fact, two of her classmates have spoken publicly about Aniston’s or halitosis problem in some interviews with the media.

And it is that, according to the magazine ‘Glamour‘, the ex of Brad Pitt used to be addicted to the consumption of cigarettes and also to caffeine, since he drank a lot of coffee throughout the day, which gave him really bad breath.

However, the actress confessed that she has been able to put aside her addiction to tobacco thanks to yoga, but she has not yet been able to completely get rid of her addiction to coffee, so the kissing scenes are really difficult for her co-stars, since the smell that his breath gives off is really unbearable.

According to the medium ‘ScreenRant’, Jennifer Aniston’s breath is so unpleasant that the actor Jason Bateman , with whom she has worked in five films ‘Separated’ [2006], ‘Crazy about her’ [2010], ‘How to end your boss’ [2011], ‘How to kill your boss 2’ [2014] and ‘Company party’ [2016]), complained to the producers and stopped a kiss scene due to the terrible smell of cigarettes and coffee that it gave off Aniston’s breath.

Alec Baldwin claims kissing Jennifer Aniston was ‘painful’

In the episode entitled “A night with the cast of the courthouse” of the series ‘Rockefeller Plaza‘, Jennifer Aniston appears as a guest star to star in a romantic scene with ‘Jack Donaghy’, a character played by Alec Baldwin.

However, despite the initial emotion that the actor from ‘The Hunt for Red October‘ felt when he found out that he would kiss Jennifer Aniston in a romantic scene, the truth is that it was all suffering and deep disappointment for him, since When asked in an interview what it was like to star in a romantic scene with Brad Pitt’s ex, Baldwin stated the following: “It was painful. I don’t know how all those men who have kissed her on TV and in the movies do it!”, Shocking everyone with her candid statement about Aniston’s oral hygiene.

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