Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck under crises now

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

The “Marry me” singer and the Batman actor were supposed to move into the Bel Air apartment owned by Jennifer Lopez, which is currently under renovation.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck would already be at loggerheads less than a month after the wedding.

Still, they would not be ready to throw in the towel, thus ending the most anticipated marriage of recent years.

Although for many, the first months of marriage are synonymous with a period of great harmony, here, the married life of Lopez and Affleck seems not to be so idyllic, and this is just over a month after their second yes, celebrated in the estate of Ben in Georgia.

Jennifer Lopez and Affleck in cises

According to the latest gossip, the couple is going through a complex and profound crisis, the last of which would have convinced Ben Affleck to leave the house in Los Angeles where he moved with his children only a few weeks ago, when he was said ready to start a new life together with the actress and pop star.

After their honeymoon in Italy, life suddenly became a little less sweet, leaving room for that harsh reality that seems to strain the love between JLo and the Batman actor.

This couple’s future is too early to tell; we know for now that just two days ago, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were paparazzi in Bel-Air during a visit to their new $ 28 million home.

Currently under renovation, the star couple would have had to move together with his three children (had by Jennifer Garner) and her two (born from the relationship with Marc Anthony).

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The apartment, owned by Jennifer since 2016, was supposed to house the Afflecks over the next few months, waiting for the couple to find a new home to move into with their five children.

However, things change quickly for the Bennifers, who, after searching in vain for a super villa, had decided to use the house owned by the singer from “El Anillo” to kick off their new married life officially.

Could this still be the fate that awaits Ben and Jennifer Lopez? We hope so.

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