Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s ‘ON THE FLOOR’ Crossed 2 Billion views in 2022

Jennifer Lopez And Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s music video for ‘On the Floor‘ just surpassed 2 Billion views on YouTube. The track earned the singers a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 as it peaked at No. 3 on the chart dated May 21, 2011.

The hit video clip released in 2011 has averaged more than 500,000 views per day in 2022, according to the platform.

The track includes parts of French-Brazilian pop group Kaoma’s “Lambada,” a global hit that topped Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart in March 1990. 

As a result, “Lambada” has been re-released 20 years after its worldwide impact on the Billboard charts. It debuted at No. 3 on the World Digital Songs chart  in March, a few days after the release of “On The Floor.”

On The Floor- Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

On The Floor,” a single by Lopez and Pitbull, was one of the biggest hits of both their careers. Reconfirming the song’s universal triumph, featured on the diva’s seventh album, “LOVE?” This Wednesday, the music video for the track reached nothing more, nothing less than 2 billion views on YouTube.

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On The Floor” was released in 2011 and soon became popular with the public, who used the lively track to move the dance floors. In the song, written and produced by RedOne, J-Lo teamed up with Pitbull, and together, they brought a clip full of choreography, iconic costumes, and all its ambiance takes place inside a super ballad.

The song uses a sample of the hit “Lambada,” released in 1988 by the French-Brazilian pop group Kaoma, a global impact that topped several music charts worldwide. In addition, the track also marks the second collaboration between Lopez and Pitbull, the first being with “Fresh Out the Oven.”

Pitbull is the stage name of American rapper Armando Christian Pérez after more than 40 sold-out shows and performances in front of more than 450,000 fans over the past year, Grammy Award-winning superstar Mr. Worldwide, has announced his latest Can’t Stop Us.

Now North American tour with Iggy Azalea and Sean Paul as an opening act. SiriusXM globalisation DJs. 

He was also certified RIAA Latin Platinum on January 28, 2021.

The sprawling 50+ Date Run, produced by Live Nation, kicks off this July at Coastal Credit Union Music Park on Walnut Creek in Raleigh, NC, stopping in Montreal, Cincinnati, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and more before finishing in Hollywood, FL at Hard Rock Live on October 19th.

It is worth noting that when the duo unites, the result becomes a success. 

Both have collaborated on hits like “Dance Again,” “Back It Up” with Prince Royce, and also on the official 2014 World Cup song “We Are One (Ole Ola)” with Brazilian star Claudia Leitte.

The music video for “On The Floor,” with an extraordinary 2 billion views, was directed by TAJ Stansberry, who is responsible for the visuals for artists such as Rihanna,  Usher, Kendrick Lamar, and many others.

Lopez and Armando Christian Pérez‘s music video for ‘On the Floor‘ just surpassed two billion views on YouTube.

The hit video clip released in 2011 has averaged more than 500,000 views per day in 2022, according to the platform.

Additionally, it was choreographed by Frank Gatson, well known for working with none other than Beyoncé. Released on March 3, 2011, it features scenes that portray a disco culture and lots of nightlife.

The nightclub-set clip for J. Lo and Pit’s 2011 hit has averaged 500K views per day to this point in 2022, per the video streaming platform. 

The track scored another entry on the hoarding Hot a hundred because it peaked at No. 

Three on the tally dated might 21, 2011. “On the Floor ” is one of the handful of collaborations between Lopez and Armando Christian Pérez.

The pair have affected gold with different songs comparable to “Dance Again ” and “Back It Up” with blue blood Royce. 

Therefore the official 2014 tournament song “We Are One (Ole Ola)” with Brazilian star Claudia Leitte. 

Produced by RedOne, the song thrives on a hypnotic beat, with Armando Christian Pérez dropping by for a rapid-fire verse that rhymes “badonkadonk” with “Donkey Kong.” 

Lopez’s sweet, nevertheless commanding vocals take centre stage throughout the chorus wherever she sings, “La la la la la la la la la la la la la la. Tonight we tend to go’ be it on the floor.’

 ‘The track samples French-Brazilian ensemble Kaoma’s 1988 song “Lambada,” a world hit that went on to high hoardings’ Hot Latin Songs chart in March of 1990. 

As a result of the sample, the “Lambada” reappeared on the Billboard charts quite twenty years after its international domination. It created its debut on the global Digital Songs chart at No. Three in March of that year, a couple of weeks after “On the Floor ” came out.

Indeed, this track serves as an ode to “a new generation of partygoers,” and this grouping of people has a global reach. 

Because of this, J-Lo pays tribute to places as diverse as Brazil, Ibiza, and even the mother country by acknowledging such people. 

Again, the primary purpose of the tune is to get you dancing.

Storyline of the song :

In an interview with MTV News, J. Lo told the song’s story and how she fell in love with it:

 “RedOne played it for me, I made him play it 20, and I sat there at the panel, and I held on to it and listened to it. Because I feel like, emotionally, I connected to it but also because of how much I love to dance and how much that’s always been such a big part of who I am since I started. Since I was a little girl, I have connected with the idea of getting out there. Every lyric is about letting go: Get on the floor and be an animal.”

This club jam is a single from Love, the seventh studio album by American artist and actress Lopez

Lady Gaga’s longtime collaborator, RedOne, produced the song on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, which premiered early January 18, 2011. 

Cuban-American rapper can be heard on the tune, which features a sample of Kaoma’s 1989 hit single “Lambada.” 

Lopez previously worked with Pitbull on his 2010 Hot Dance Club Songs hit “Fresh Out The Oven.

The rapper revealed to MTV News that he has a specific system for performing on this type of dance floor. 

“When you have these records from big houses or clubs that are very global, I try to get into where I grew up with what I’m a fan of, which is just loud,” he explained. Speaking to New York radio station WKTU, Lopez said he wanted to develop his urban/pop sound further with this song.

“It feels like me today; I like that. It’s not something you hear, and you say, “It’s not another one,” but you also say, “Is that it?” I like that. It’s new,’ and that’s what I wanted. I wanted it to be very me, but I wanted it to be me, not from my first album or my second album, but today.”

Lopez first rose to fame as a dancer, telling MTV News the song evokes feelings of nostalgia for her “The minute RedOne played it to me, I had him play it 20 times in a row, and I  sat at the blackboard and listened to it over and over,” he explained. 

“Because I feel like I have an emotional connection to him, but also because  I love dancing and how it has always been such a big part of me since I started. I bonded with dating.” 

The song shares striking musical and lyrical similarities to  American pop and R&B singer Kat DeLuna’s 2010 song “Party O’Clock,” which RedOne also produced.

At the same time, Lopez sings, “Because from London to Ibiza, straight to Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas to Africa,” sings DeLuna on his album “Party in Ibiza, towards Africa, love in” the Caribbean, on the way to Vegas. 

DeLuna seems calm about the similarities between the two songs. She told the New York Daily News, “It’s great that my musical sound and style inspire artists like J.Lo. Jennifer helped pave the way for Latinas like me. I love her.”


How many times has Jennifer Lopez been married? / How many times has JLO Lopez been married?

Of her marital tune record, Lopez stated in a beyond Youtube video, earlier than her maximum current nuptials to Ben Affleck: “I’ve been married 3 instances and as soon as turned into 9 months and as soon as turned into eleven months so I don’t genuinely remember those.”

She was first married to Cuban, secondly to Cris Judd, third Marc Anthony and last with Ben Affleck

Did Jennifer Lopez give a boob job?

Lopez denies having a boob job done in 2018.

When did Jennifer Lopez have her babies?

Lopez had her children in February 2008, she calls her children ‘coconuts’.

Who is worth more money Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce?

Lopez’s net worth is $400 million while Beyonce is $440million. So Beyonce is worth more.

How many times has Jennifer Lopez Divorce?

She had been married 4 times and divorced as well.

Did Jennifer Lopez get lip injections?

Although she denies having lip injections and other cosmetic surgeries, it’s said that she had silicon lip injections in 2010 and also removed some fillers.

How much does Jennifer Lopez pay her makeup artist?

Scott Barnes, the make-up artist of Jennifer, has been working with her for 20 years and according to a rumour Barnes is worth $4 million.

Is Priscilla Lopez related to JLO?

No, Priscilla is not related to Lopez.

Are Jennifer Lopez’s breasts real?

In the past she admitted to having breast augmentations but she denies now having any cosmetic surgery.

Did Jennifer Lopez lighten her skin?

Yes, it’s true that Jennifer lightens her skin, exfoliates once or twice a week.

Did LL Cool J and Jennifer Lopez Date?

Both LL Cool and Jennifer don’t admit to having a date but it’s a rumour that they both have been hooked up for years.

Has Jennifer Lopez ever been with a woman?

No, she has not been with a woman.

Who is Jennifer Lopez married to?

Jennifer is currently married to Ben Affleck.

Is Jennifer Lopez left handed?

Ye, Jennifer is left-handed.

Is Jennifer Lopez’s dad still living?

Yes, Jennifer’s dad, born on December 29, 1941, is still alive.

Is it true that Jennifer Lopez is a man?

No, Jennifer Lopez is not a male,she called this rumour to be the weirdest false story she ever heard.

When does Jennifer Lopez exercise?

Jennifer works out five days a week.

Are Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez friends?

Yes, Lopez and Beyoncé are good friends.

Who’s older: Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez?

 Both were born in 1969 with a gap of a few months. Mariah Carey [March 27, 1969] is a few months older than Jennifer [July 24, 1969].

How Tall Is Jennifer Lopez and How Much Does She weigh? / How tall is Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer stands 5’4’’ and weighs 137 pounds.

Is Jennifer Lopez still with a rod?

No, they’re not together now. They split on April 15, 2021.

Is Jennifer Lopez Dominican?

Jennifer just visited the Dominican for a month with ex. Alex Rodriguez.

How to get your hair like Jennifer Lopez’s?

Part the hair into sections. Create face-framing layers by plucking two strands of hair from the front of the face as well as two small strands from the front of each ear.

Make a ponytail, Create a low bun. Add some texture, style fronts, Let it shine.

How much money did Jennifer Lopez make last year?

Jennifer’s net worth for 2021 is approximately $400 Million.

Why did Ben Affleck call off the wedding to Jennifer Lopez?

Ben Affleck called off the wedding because of extreme media engagement wrapping their wedding.

Does Nicki Minaj hate Jennifer Lopez?

It’s just a rumor that Nicki Minaj hates Jennifer, but no fact in that.

Was Jennifer Lopez fat?

In the past Jennifer used to think she’s fat and must lose a few pounds.

How old is Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer is 53 [July 24, 1969].

What’s Jennifer Lopez’s race?

Jennifer is of Puerto Rican descent.

How is Jennifer Lopez so hot?

She doesn’t binge on espresso and booze and masses up on lean protein like grass-fed pork and salmon. 

Lopez is likewise very into supplements, announcing on Instagram Friday that she believes in “splendour from the internal out” whilst touting the collagen-boosting tablet in her JLo Beauty line that she takes each day. 

She has additionally raved about intestine health, and has partnerships with Goli gummy vitamins, she’s stated the Apple Cider Vinegar gummy is her go-to each day, and a contemporary prebiotic soda, Poppi.

Where is Jennifer Lopez from?

Jennifer is from The Bronx, New York, NY

What happened to Jennifer Lopez’s ass?

Jennifer reminded everyone that she still has a great butt at one of her recent concerts where she wore a skintight body and danced  on stage. 

The singer and actress had a wardrobe problem mid-show  when a small hole opened up near her butt, which she pointed out in a recent TikTok.

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