Jesulín de Ubrique now has an offer that will make Belén Esteban richer

Jesulín de Ubrique

The bullfighter Jesulín de Ubrique announces a project that, in part, will benefit Belén Esteban

Jesulín de Ubrique and María José Campanario are protagonists in the magazine ¡HOLA! as a result of an interview that they have offered exclusively for the publication of coated paper.

An intervention in which the bullfighter has released news that will undoubtedly make Belén Esteban richer.

The interview offered by Jesulín de Ubrique and María José revolves mainly around their relationship and how they are handling the first weeks of their third child, Hugo, whom Campanario gave birth to at the beginning of the summer “99.99% have been good things.

It has been an amazing few years. I’m going to say it in two words, ‘impressive’”, assures the right-hander, who gives himself the “maximum score, a ten”, when asked about the grade he gives himself as a father.

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Jesulín de Ubrique will only talk about the last 20 years in a documentary series

On the other hand, Jesulín de Ubrique also responds to the information that has come out in the press about his life in the last 20 years.

“Those comments are out of touch with the reality of my marriage,” he says. “I cannot be pending or give explanations or deny. If not, you don’t live. The important thing is that we have been happy for twenty years and we have formed a wonderful family”, adds Jesulín .

A Jesulín de Ubrique who is not very given to giving interviews and prefers to stay away from the media.

He already had enough with what he put up with when he was with Belén Esteban in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Because Jesulín is a person who does not lack money.

However, as announced in the interview with the aforementioned media, he has agreed to participate in a documentary series.

A format that is very fashionable today and that many celebrities take advantage of to be able to give their versions of the facts without anyone replying to them.

In other words, speaking for the media charging and saying what they want without having to put up with the constant harassment of the press, and without having to face pundits and replicants.

A ‘here I catch you, here I kill you’.

Jesulín’s docuseries will give more impact to Belén Esteban

“I am pending to make a documentary series for a platform. It is a journey through my life with images and many people will participate, fellow students, doctors, friends… A producer has offered it to me. We don’t know what the platform is going to be”, recognizes Jesulín . “Publishers have called me to write my memoirs. I think I’m not from books, I’m better than those who sit and talk. They have already told me that we will see him when he is well and comfortable, because it could take eight months or a year. You have to put out something that is spectacular,”

Jesulín de Ubrique

A documentary series that, without a doubt, Belén Esteban will benefit from .

Because if the bullfighter reviews his entire life, Belén should appear in it with Jesulín giving his version of the events that have occurred in the last two decades.

And this will have an impact on the Telecinco talk show host with the most screen share and who knows if with another documentary responding, just as Amador Mohedano is doing with Rocío Carrasco .

Rocío Carrasco
Rocío Carrasco | LivNews24

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