Jesulín de Ubrique now prohibits questions , Raised photos behind the back of his wife, Beatriz Trapote

Jesulín de Ubrique

Víctor Janeiro, brother of Jesulín de Ubrique, has been secretly talking to another woman for four years

The Jesulín de Ubrique family is rigorously current.

A few months ago Jesulín de Ubrique starred in the second edition of ‘El Desafío‘, the jump from him to television.

Shortly after they confirmed the pregnancy of María José Campanario.

And while they live some of their best professional and personal moments, they will soon celebrate their 20 years of marriage with an intimate party, the relationship of his brother, Víctor Janeiro, with Beatriz Trapote, falters.

Jesulín de Ubrique
Jesulín de Ubrique-María José Campanario | LivNews24

Víctor Janeiro has signed for the new reality show on Telecinco, ‘Nightmare in paradise‘.

Jesulín’s brother faces this new adventure with the risk that it entails.

After remaining in the background, the marriage returns to the media spotlight.

“A member, I don’t want jokes, from Los Janeiro sends risque messages with Irene” , Verónica Dulanto, presenter of ‘Ya es verano‘, began by announcing with the phone in her hand.

Jesulín de Ubrique, has been secretly talking to another woman for four years

The collaborators of the weekend program began to see the photographs and Iván González said that Víctor Janeiro was very well loaded.

In fact, next to him, hers was small.

Víctor Janeiro has been talking to another woman for four years, and she is not the only one
Telecinco warms up engines.

This reality show has to be a complete success, Paolo Vasile‘s chain cannot afford the same data as last year.

For this reason, stories related to the contestants of this edition begin to surface.

Irene López has visited the Fuencarral sets and has assured that she has been sending photographs, videos and risque messages with Víctor Janeiro for four years. And so that they do not call her a liar, she herself has brought her own evidence.

Not only do they send all kinds of messages and photos , but they also talk without any nerve about Beatriz Trapote.

According to Irene and the journalist Beatriz Cortázar, there are more women who would have exchanged risqué messages with Víctor.

“In addition to a girl from Alicante, there is another well-known television character who has videos of the same characteristics with Víctor Janeiro,” the journalist present on the set pointed out this afternoon.

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