Joaquín Prat tells the truth about his brother who lives on the street: “He is an addict”

Joaquín Prat

Joaquín Prat signs a statement with the rest of his brothers and gives explanations

This weekend a television interview with the brother of Joaquín Prat , a great unknown to the general public, went viral.

While the presenter triumphs on Telecinco, his brother, the one with whom he had not had a good relationship for a couple of years, is broke.

Federico, the third son of the couple formed by Joaquín Prat and Marianne Sandberg , lives in anonymity.

By his own decision he moved away from the spotlight and dedicated himself to the merchant marine.

The presenter’s brother lives in La Línea, in a small rental apartment that he pays thanks to the handouts from his neighbors.

“The people are wonderful, they feed me and they love me a lot.”

It is the first time that Federico put himself in front of the cameras to explain his difficult situation and ask for a job.

Federico | LivNews24

” I’m in La Línea looking for work. I came nine years ago for love, I’ve been coming and going because I used to live in Chipiona and now I’ve settled here. I’m living on the street because I have no other choice,” he confesses.

“I wanted to thank everyone who is helping me here , those who have contributed a euro, or two euros. Right now I have a place to stay, I have my house and I pay the rent with what I get from the street. I don’t spend it on drugs or alcohol, only on my rent and I invite everyone to check it out,” he says.

The news generated a great impact, all the press echoed it and Joaquín Prat’s family has issued a statement after accusing her of not helping Federico.

The presenter has revealed that his brother is an “addict”, and assures that his mother pays for the apartment, and that they have tried to help him for many years.

Joaquin Prat spoke about his brother last May in the program he recorded with Jesús Calleja for ‘Planeta Calleja‘, where he traveled to the Azores.

“I have my brothers Alejandra, Andrea and Federico, but he is a special boy”, he affirmed. “Why special?” Calleja asked. “In the end we all choose a path in life and those paths take you away or separate you from whoever loves you,” he replied sadly.

Joaquín Prat reveals that his brother Federico “is unfortunately also an addict

Family members have decided to issue a statement to get out of the way of his brother’s controversial interview.

“My brother Federico is a wonderful being with a heart of gold. He is and has always been loved at home, educated and affectionate and sensitive. And unfortunately he is also an addict,” the statement begins.

“For more than 12 years my mother and we as brothers have tried to help him, accompanying him in numerous rehabilitation treatments, centers of all kinds and also at home,” continues Joaquín Prat in the note signed by all Federico’s brothers and with a united family photography

“Finally and after a hard road, especially for my mother, this will only be understood by those who have had to experience the same in the first person. Fede himself chose to live in the south and continue with his addiction “, continues the text released this Sunday by the Joaquín Prat.

“During all this time, my mother has taken over and continues to take charge of the place where she lives every month, and although she has had opportunities, she has continued to be immersed in the terrible and filthy world of drugs,” the note adds.

“We no longer hope that one day it will be cured, but we do hope to have family privacy to continue managing it in this way that is less harmful for everyone. Sometimes things are not what they seem. There are many years of suffering that only we know about,” he laments.

“I wish no one had to go through this. Neither the patient nor the family, but the family that unfortunately suffers the same,” they lament.

“Judging is very easy, but life is not black or white. Our family is a pineapple for better and for worse and it will continue to be that way. Thank you for understanding,” the statement concludes.

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