Johnny Depp split with Joelle Rich

Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich

“I don’t think a standard relationship will ever be its kind,” the words of a friend of the Johnny Depp.

For now, Johnny Depp will have to settle for the happy judicial ending that has reopened the doors of Hollywood to him and has been able to bring millions of fans back to him after years of skepticism.

There is still time for love, at least judging by the latest gossip according to which the story between the 59-year-old actor and the lawyer Joelle Rich has already come to an end.

The rumors about their acquaintance began to circulate last September but apparently, the two would already be far away by now.

Split between Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich

Joelle Rich, a British lawyer partner of the Schillings law firm, who had followed Depp in his London libel case against The Sun which had called him a “wife thug” in November 2020, was spotted alongside the actor during the infamous trial in Fairfax, Virginia, against former Amber Heard, despite not being part of the legal team on that occasion.

A presence by no means accidental considering that the two would have stayed together at the Ritz-Carlton in nearby McLean, also in Virginia, for the duration of the trial from April to the end of May.

Page Six had painstakingly reconstructed the relationship between the two with an insider who at Us Weekly assured us of “skyrocketing chemistry” between the two.

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A sensation confirmed by a friend of Depp’s contacted by the English tabloid. “We are not talking about a traditional couple.

It’s not a great, stable, committed relationship and, I’m not sure it ever was. I don’t know if they’re together in any way at this point.

“Also according to the source, Depp would still be tried by the massive legal battle with his ex-wife and not yet healed from a period “extremely traumatic for him” to start a new relationship.”

Secondly, we’re talking about Johnny Depp and I don’t think a standard relationship will ever be his kind,” concludes the insider.

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According to the lawyer’s London friends, always contacted by the Daily Mail, the divorce between Joelle and her husband Jonathan, the father of her two children married in 2011 in Tuscany, would be proceeding regardless of the state of the relationship with the star of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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