From a close friend of Jorge Javier Vázquez to not inviting him to his wedding with a rich man from Spain

Jorge Javier Vázquez

The presenter of Badalona Jorge Javier Vázquez will not attend the wedding of the one who was a close friend in the past

A wedding that Jorge Javier Vázquez will not attend.

Wedding in sight, Raúl Prieto , former director of ‘ Sálvame ‘ and ‘ Viva la vida ‘ , will marry Joaquín Torres , an architect who has worked for many celebrities.

A wedding that Jorge Javier Vázquez will not attend .

The presenter from Jorge Javier Vázquez and Raúl Prieto had a very good relationship when the latter was the director of the afternoon program on Telecinco .

However, things did not end well between the two.

They ended up shot.

And against this background, Jorge Javier Vázquez , who was a close friend of Prieto, will not be invited to the second’s wedding with Torres .

Raúl Prieto marries Joaquín Torres
“These days there has been speculation about my possible wedding with Raúl Prieto and, although I never talk about my personal life on this page, today I have decided to tell you that, after many years fighting and chasing my dream, last night with a ring of a keychain, I knelt down in the privacy of the room, and asked the love of my life to marry me”, revealed the architect on his Instagram account.

A wedding that Jorge Javier Vázquez will not attend

“After years of fear, remorse, guilt, shame… and two children that I had to protect above all else. After talking with them and giving me their approval, I decided to keep the promise I made to Raúl one day: he would shout to the world that he is the love of my life. And that I will do next spring in a ceremony before mine, before ours, ”he adds.

And it is that Torres was slow to recognize that he was homosexual.

Jorge Javier Vázquez
Jorge Javier Vázquez | livnews24

It was 2014 when the rumors about the estrangement of Torres and his wife began to come to light.

“To those who believe it, I have not yet separated, that will come if it has to come, but I will be the one to announce it and not others,” Torres pointed out then .

Joaquín Torres could not hide the truth anymore
However, shortly after Torres and Raúl Prieto began to be seen together , who had recently broken up with her boyfriend at the time, Manuel Zamorano , until they could no longer hide the truth.

Joaquín acknowledged his homosexuality in July 2017.

It was during the presentation of Terelu Campos ‘s book .

“Raúl after my children is EVERYTHING. And giving him his place and him giving me mine is something that puts an end to a story full of thorns. We have overcome many things together, and I can’t imagine a better life partner… A life in which I have lost so much, so much, so much time out of cowardice… but NOT anymore. Side B of the record is ours alone. Raul, now yes yes. Now nothing can stop it from being yours and from being mine forever. I love you”, concludes Torres in the letter that he has published on his Instagram account From him.

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