José Antonio Avilés, Opus Dei and a very famous celebrity on Telecinco

José Antonio Avilés

The revelation of José Antonio Avilés that brings a familiar face from Telecinco closer to Opus Dei

The rumors that have to do with the possible separation of José Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón are increasing.

Apparently, the announcement could arrive imminently and in the form of an exclusive, upon payment of about 70,000 euros, according to various media.

Rumors that have been reinforced in recent days as a result of which Ortega Cano has been seen making various efforts in Madrid .

The former bullfighter would have gone to three banks, a notary and two companies, one for renting storage rooms and another for renting vans.

A series of visits that indicate that the widower of Rocío Jurado could be arranging papers and preparing a move.

Ana María Aldón does not raise her head

In this sense, the designer has been undergoing psychological treatment to try to leave behind the pothole she has been going through for a long time.

However, it seems that from her surroundings they would be seriously worried about her and the treatment she is receiving from her.

And it is that the psychologist who treats her is not really a psychologist, but a coach member of Opus Dei .

José OrtegaCcano
16/04/2020 Ortega Cano y Ana María Aldón, en una foto de archivo de Europa Press SOCIEDAD ÁNGEL DÍAZ BRIÑAS

Opus Dei approaches Ana María Aldón: José Antonio Avilés

This was stated by José Antonio Avilés , who seems to be very up to date with what is happening in the marriage environment, although it is not known if José Antonio Avilés is making it up.

In any case, as the Telecinco collaborator , Ana María , who is a very religious person, points out, she would have had a serious rapprochement with this radical Catholic group, where she would have found the consolation that she does not have in her closest environment. .

In fact, taking advantage of his devotion to the Catholic religion, the aforementioned coach would even have proposed to him to join the institution, taking advantage of the vulnerable moment he is going through.

A scenario that has José Antonio Avilés closest ones very worried, because they consider that none of all this can benefit the former collaborator of ‘ Viva la vida’ .

Meanwhile, Ana María Aldón has just returned from Costa Ballena , where she has been with her son and family.

She, together with them, has been disconnecting and trying to improve her mood, which is known to have been low in recent months.

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