José Luis Fernández:From ‘Verano Azul’ with Chanquete to ‘ admitted in psychiatric center’ now

José Luis Fernández

This iconic character [ José Luis Fernández ] from ‘Blue Summer’ is recovering in a psychiatric center

Without a doubt, one of the most emblematic series on television is ‘ Blue Summer ‘ .

The production, which was successful in the 1980s, has passed through generations after Spanish Television replaced it for many summers.

A series that, by the way, was broadcast in winter.

Unforgettable scenes remained from ‘ Blue Summer’ .

And one of them, and also one of the saddest, was the one in which Pancho appeared shouting ‘ Chanquete has died’ while he was running along the beach and the rest of the group watched him with faces that ranged between disbelief and sorrow.

José Luis Fernández, Pancho in ‘Verano Azul’, admitted to a psychiatric hospital
José Luis Fernández was the one who played Pancho .

And after playing the iconic character, he tried his luck in the world of music.

He was part of a duo with Juanjo Artero , Javi’s interpreter.

But he had no luck or success.

While in 1989 he was arrested for robbing a French woman at gunpoint and carrying a piece of paper on top of her.

Now, 40 years after the series and at 58 years old, he is admitted to a psychiatric center.

María Garralón , who played Julia in the series and who also worked on series such as ‘ Farmacia de Guardia’ or ‘ Compañeros’ , has spoken about this .

She now works in the play ” Words chained” , the premiere of which was the stage in which she spoke about José Luis Fernández .

María Garralón, co-star in ‘Verano Azul’, talks about José Luis Fernández
“He has his great seasons.

She is fine and there she goes, when she talks to us she gets very emotional.

She loves us very much and we love him, ”said the actress, who despite not having much contact with the actor, she points out that she does have it with Artero, who maintains a fluid relationship with José Luis .

“If I don’t know anything, he tells me. We ask about each other,” she noted.

He is well and is evolving little by little and with the love of his family, enough medicine, “the actress assured about Fernández .

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