José Luis Gil, companion of Paz Padilla, born in Ceuta, is now divorced and has a son

José Luis Gil

This José Luis Gil and Eva Isanta from ‘La que se avecina’ has had a somewhat hectic private life

Paz Padilla‘s companion José Luis Gil or Jordi Sánchez in ‘ La que se avecina ‘ , Eva Isanta , whom many know as ‘the woman from Amador’ , as Maite Figueroa or as ‘ Cuqui’ .

Sometimes the success of a series makes the actors known more for the role they play than for themselves.

However , Eva Isanta has a long history behind her outside of Telecinco’s production.

She started very young in the world of acting.

And she and José Luis Gil also has a somewhat hectic private life.

Eva Isanta had her first big role in ‘Farmacia de Guardia’
Eva Isanta started working as an actress at the age of 15 .

She participated in some plays and garnered the occasional award that recognized her talent.

She immediately discovered that the world of entertainment was what she liked and she enrolled in Cristina Rota’s school while studying Image and Sound.

Antonio Mercero knew how to see her potential quickly and hired her to work on the legendary series ‘ Farmacia de Guardia’ .

She worked in several episodes playing the girlfriend of Lourdes Cano ‘s eldest son .

While hers, another important role for her and with great repercussion came with the series ‘ Here there is no one who lives’ .

She then played Bea , a lesbian who lived with Mauri , played by actor Luis Merlo .

In the Antena 3 series he came to appear in 74 episodes between 2004 and 2006 , becoming one of the most influential characters.

And as expected, she was one of the actresses who left for ‘La que se avecina’ when Telecinco bought the rights. She there she played Maite Figeueroa since 2007, known as ‘La Cuqui’, while she has seen how her popularity has skyrocketed.

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José Luis Gil and Eva Isanta: Divorced with one child

Apart from this, Eva Isanta has also had other appearances such as when she was a jury member of ‘ Got Talent’ , where she was replaced by Paz Padilla , who has also been her partner in the T5 series .

While she played Gloria Suárez in the series ‘ Mercado Central’ on Spanish Television .

Without forgetting her appearances in ‘ El bribón ‘ or ‘ Guess what I’m doing tonight’ , in Cuatro, or in ‘ Big Brother Duo’ , together with Santi Millán .

What is not so well known about Eva is her private life.

And it is possible that you did not know that the actress was born in Ceuta , 50 years ago now .

She lived there for a short time, before moving with her parents to Getafe , Madrid .

She there she spent her childhood and her youth.

And she later married producer and actor Rafael Rojas .

She had a son with José Luis Gil , Alex Rojas , although the marriage broke up in 2014 .

According to Isanta , the breakup was “by mutual agreement and we have a great relationship”, in addition to that “wonderful child in common”.

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