José Luis Gil now resolved the future in ‘the trouble that is approaching’

José Luis Gil

José Luis Gil’s partner assures that he will return to ‘LQSA’ as Enrique Pastor

José Luis Gil will appear again in ‘ the trouble that is approaching ‘ .

When is still unknown, but one of his colleagues is convinced that he will recover and that “we will see him for sure.”

The Telecinco series will once again feature the actor who plays Enrique Pastor.

José Luis Gil suffered a cerebral infarction last November that forced him to be urgently admitted to the Nuestra Señora del Rosario hospital in Madrid , where he spent 20 days in the ICU .

An episode that has removed him from the media spotlight and from the series in which he was one of the stars, ‘the trouble that is approaching’, which is broadcast on Telecinco .

Since then, his family has kept absolute silence and we have only heard of him when one of his colleagues such as Petra Martínez , Loles León or Cristina Medina have named him.

Luis Merlo, convinced that we will see José Luis Gil again playing Enrique Pastor

Now the one who has done it is Luis Merlo , who has had very positive words about the state of the actor, pointing out that he will surely return to the series playing the mythical character Enrique Pastor .

“We are going to see him for sure. We don’t know when, he depends on recovering from the disease, but he is going to recover for sure, ” Luis Merlo pointed out in a statement for Europa Press.

The actor is in the middle of the premiere of the third season of ‘ The Grönholm Method’ , which is being performed at the Cofidis Alcázar Theater in Madrid .

José Luis Gil
José Luis Gil | LivNews24

The future of José Luis Gil in ‘La que se avecina’ goes through his return

“This season he will not be there, he is still recovering to be there, but I trust that he will be recovered,” said the artist. “I have spoken with the family and I know from colleagues who have been with him and he is a great fighter. He always has been and he is not going to stop being on this occasion more than ever ”; Merlo adds.

“It will be a pleasure for me and for all of us to welcome José Luis Gil with open arms,” ​​said an animated Luis Merlo, who, like all viewers and followers of the series, is eager to see him again in his habitat.

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