José Ortega Cano receives offer of 70,000 euros to blow everything up

José Ortega Cano.

José Ortega Cano receives a succulent proposal to blow everything up

The versions that appear in the press about the relationship between José Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón do not stop generating contradictions.

And the last ones not only talk about divorce again, but that both would have received succulent offers to talk about their breakup.

That José Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón do not have a good time is clear.

Either because of the media pressure to which they are being subjected or because there really is a couple crisis.

Be that as it may, a few weeks ago it was being said, when Ana María disappeared from the media and went to spend a few days in Cádiz with her son, that the designer was “clarifying her ideas” regarding her marriage to Ortega Cano and that she was even waiting for Rocío Jurado ‘s widower to ask for a divorce.

Contradictory versions about the relationship between Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano

Meanwhile, José Ortega Cano reacted violently when asked about his wife, because he does not like to air dirty laundry, which only fueled the fact that the couple was in a difficult moment and that their future was not clear at all.

In addition, we must not forget that Aldón was looking for a flat in Madrid , which did nothing but feed the hypotheses that pointed to divorce.

Also, recently the version changed completely.

As we collected a few days ago in this medium, it was said that Ana María was repentant.

And that if she was looking for a new home, it was to leave it to her daughter, Gema de Ella, for various reasons.

On the one hand, because the young woman was looking for a home to live with her boyfriend and his daughter, and she did not see the point in moving into the house where she lives with José Ortega Cano.

On the other, because she is clear that the properties of the former bullfighter will go to Gloria Camila , and in this way she would have something to leave her daughter.

However, new information has now emerged that leaves these latest theories on the ground.

According to Informalia, Ana María Aldón would have given an exclusive in exchange for a figure that is between 40,000 and 50,000 euros to explain all the details about her differences with José Ortega Cano.

Offer to Ortega Cano to blow up everything
An Ortega Cano who, for his part, would have received a proposal that would reach 70,000 euros to recount the situation he is going through with Ana María and the ins and outs that would have led them to the current situation.

Likewise, the aforementioned media outlet points out that Ortega Cano feels depressed and that he is terrified of losing his wife and his 9-year-old son, José María .

And it is that in case of divorce, he could only see it when the judge ruled.

Some fears that would confirm that the divorce between Ana María and José is more than possible.

“He is unhinged, the media pressure is absolute and his health suffers, his heart is weak, the last few months have been devastating, he does not understand so much excessive attack, nor the attitude of Ana María and her daughter Gema on television, he is not a supporter to air the dirty laundry in front of the audience, but the others don’t understand it that way. It is embarrassing”, a source from the family would have pointed out to Informalia, who even slips that in a few days the news of the final divorce could be announced.

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