Josep Pedrerol takes refuge a few hours after returning to TV now

Josep Pedrerol

Josep returns this Sunday to ‘El Chiringuito’. He takes advantage of his vacations in a Catalan town with less than 100 inhabitants

Josep Pedrerol returns this Sunday to ‘El Chiringuito’.

He takes advantage of his vacations in a Catalan town with less than 100 inhabitants

‘El Chiringuito de Jugones’ is now back in MEGA and it’s hitting it once again: reporters reporting from the Botafumeiro, the little dances of Tomás Roncero after Real Madrid won the European Super Cup with his “lever, lever, palanquirurí” and , of course, on social networks, where it will soon reach three million followers on Twitter.

At the head this first week we find Edu Aguirre.

The brand new signing of Movistar + covers the loss of Josep Pedrerol, who will return this Sunday with all the artillery.

And it is that the Catalan presenter is regaining strength: he awaits a frenetic season.

Josep Pedrerol could not have chosen a better destination to disconnect a few hours after returning to television.

It is a small Catalan town that does not reach 100 inhabitants, but it has a lot of charm. He is Nalec.

This municipality located in the region of l’Urgell came to have almost 600 inhabitants at the end of the 19th century and, in addition to Josep, in recent years it has been visited by other personalities from the Catalan show business.

However, no one has been as successful there as the host of ‘El Chiringuito’.

During his visit to the town of Lleida, Josep Pedrerol has once again experienced a mass bath.

Multiple kids have asked Josep Pedrerol for photos and he, as always, has gladly agreed.

This is one of the things that makes him so charismatic: never taking no for an answer. Such is his fame that even a 93-year-old grandmother, but who looks like she is 75, has greeted him.

“A pleasure, Lola”, said a smiling Josep.

The reason for the visit: El Cafè de Nalec

Josep Pedrerol’s lightning visit to Nalec -just a few hours ago he was in the US closing a ‘bombshell’ for ‘El Chiringuito’- had a reason: to have a great time at his brother Joan’s restaurant.

In ‘El Café de Nalec’, Josep Pedrerol has put on his boots trying the best dishes of the kitchen, as well as the most select tapas.

Patatas bravas, tripe, baby squid, mussels… the restaurant’s menu is first class.

“Good food and good atmosphere”, the Barcelonan has posted in his Instagram stories of him posing with Joan and Txell.

It is not for less: he has eaten very well and with fantastic views of the town’s municipal swimming pool.

In just over 48 hours he will be back in front of the cameras.

Your vacation is over.

The countdown: Josep Pedrerol returns with a news

Edu Aguirre reminded him once again yesterday at the start of the program in ‘El Chiringuito‘ .

El Chiringuito | LivNews24

“Pedrerol will return this Sunday with news that will mark a before and after in the program”, advanced the 34-year-old from Madrid, who recalled Pedrerol’s statements from last day 8 live in the MEGA format in which he stated that ” only a few fringes are missing to be able to announce it on Sunday”.

“I want to see you, the start of the program has been brutal,” he stressed.

There is desire: what will the Catalan presenter surprise us with this time?

It’s sure to be something positive for ‘El Chiringuito’, for football gatherings and for viewers. TIC Tac.

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