Jussie Smollett sentenced to 150 days in jail for lying to police in hate crime hoax

Jussie Smollett sentenced to 150 days in jail

Former ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett sentenced to 150 days in jail more than $120,000 in damages and a $25,000 fine for making false statements to police received of hate January 2019 crime.

After Judge pronounced her verdict, Smollett removed her mask and she declared herself innocent.

“Judge, I respect you and the jury, but I didn’t,” the actor told the judge before going to court. “And I am not a suicidal person.

 if anything happens to me when I get in there, I won’t do it to myself.

you should all know it.

 Just before he was detained, he learned that he was innocent and raised his fist in the air.

James Lynn, James Lynn, said the sentence, “Smalltt” declares the sentence and spoke to the actor who spoke the script and spoke to the actor who took the trick, and told the actor, and his teachings for that act are 30 minutes before saying that “aging factors” I wrote abnormality.

 “Is there a party with this arrogance and his career and his own?” It was only a shame.

 “You are not the victims of racial crime for the soil of hate, and you are not a victim of homosexual accomplishment in hatred soil.

 Social Definition Provides information about

 Smollett, 39 was convicted of five crimes of random behavior in December.

He made a false report that he told him to be an antigen and half-block crime for the soil of hatred.

Black and gayed Chicago police officered Chicago police officer at the cold night in January 2019, and the racist and homosexual disgusting were poured into him and wrapped the loop on his neck. 

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Celebrities and politicians rushed to defend him publicly, and Chicago police investigated the incident as a crime possible in the soil of hatred.

But soon they have paid the two brothers who knew the “Empire” of the “Empire” of the “Empire” of the Fox “Empire” to solve the actors of the actors and put the events of the advertisement.

Smalltt supported his innocence in swear during the trial, but the jury blame five of six criminal crimes after the discussion of 9 hours.

Confidence in irregular behaviorals for false crime reports is not punished for three years, and there is little to be sentenced to a criminal without a crime without a crime in prison.

Thursday the prosecutors point to  the fact that the judge gives a “proper” sentence and points to the fact that the actor was not responsible for his behavior and that can damage the truly crime efforts of hatred hatred.

SOLTT lawyers argued that they should have more free punishment for such whey that mentions the absence of crime history and public service that he fulfilled.

They read a few letters responding to this part of their lives.

 Before the proposal announcement, the judge also talked about the main characters of the Circle of the Social Definition, which requested a small indulgence proposal.

The judge “has an entry into the actual community service and attachments to attachments.”

“I remembered in sorrow from people in the stadium.”

 Ultimately, however, the judge showed the “darkness”. Jussie Smollett sentenced to 150 days in jail

He said His Oman,” Jozho Smallt said.

 Smolrtt Tina Glandian’s lawyer lawyer should also reject convicted rulings, claiming new trials based on legal errors during trial and trial.

Judge Judge Rejected Demand Review, and he found that he believed that Smallt was a fair trial.

“He took my sister took my sister”

 At the media conference after the sentence, Jozo Smallt, a small brother, was disappointed with the results to reporters.

 “He took my sister to his brother.

 Chicago Police body camera footage, taken the night of the incident, showed Smollett with a noose around his neck.

“He doesn’t know what my brother is going through. doesn’t know what he’s dealing with.”

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He testified that the snare was released and returned to the police after the attack.

 “My brother is innocent,” said Smollett’s sister, “this should not be a controversial statement because it is absolutely true,”

 Cook County State Attorney Kim Fox also commented on the verdict.

 Foxx is separated from the event to satisfy the potential problem of fairness on the “resolving potential witnesses”.

“In March 2019, the Grand Journery was charged with SMALLTT for 16 crimes for disordered behavior.

 In a dramatic reversal, the state’s test throws all the rates. Foxx is in Thursday evening In the collected graduation ceremony, “Smalltt” is the “failed” failed to “failed” “millions” for his charges. 

Foxx has already not lost $ 10,000 and has already not accused of violent crime, It does not pay a reputation price.

 Thursday Evening on Thursday, County Cauti Cabin Cabinet said that when we respond to disordered violence we can see, we continuously prioritize violent crime and support victims.

 How we are here

 The decision of the Foxx Office will discard all the accusations of all the accusations that SMOLTT will lead to a special inspection that can be seen in August 2019 to appoint a pruned to the judge.

As a result, February 20, 2020, February 2020, the second leading to the second great jury leading smolett for six criminal consumption.

This incident effectively ended Smollett’s acting career.

 His character was written in Empire, which ended in 2020, and has since directed and produced films, but has not yet appeared in any other TV or film roles.

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