Karol G’s list of enemies who can’t stand she is getting longer now

Karol G

Karol G has a very long list of enemies

Karol G has had a phenomenal year with her ‘Bichota Tour‘ tour and with the successes she has managed to position in the market.

Provenza‘, the song that is part of his latest album, is among the top five in the world according to Billboard magazine.

The Colombian woman adds more followers to her social networks and her music every day, although in the same way she seems to increase the list of celebrities who do not support her .

She already knows her quarrel with Natti Natasha but now she seems to have added other names to her “enmities”.

The interpreter of ‘Tusa‘ reported that she changed the color of her hair recently.

She decided to give up the blue that characterized her and opted for a red mane with which she says that she looks “a little like The Little Mermaid.”

But on the same day, the Spanish Rosalía published on her social networks the process to dye her long hair also red, before her concert in Mallorca .

Rosalia | LivNews24

Seeing the two urban singers with their hair of the same color, increased the criticism that has previously existed against the Colombian, who has been accused of imitating her musical style, way of dressing and even her nails, to the ‘Motomami ‘.

Internet users have criticized Karol G a lot for allegedly copying the style of the Catalan singer.

The video for the song ‘La Tusa’ was one of the most controversial because they claim that she copied characteristic poses and colors of the interpreter of ‘Malamente’, which has generated discomfort among her followers.

However, the Colombian confessed in a recent interview that she is not exactly “close” with Rosalía, although she said that she admires her work.

“I have to be honest, we are not the closest artists. I am friends with other female music artists, and with her it is something like industry colleagues, but I feel, or at least I believe, that there is an admiration of each one of us towards the other and a respect for what we do (…) I think it is something that people created and that has gained strength because we are not the closest artists, but there is a lot of admiration and respect. Her music is incredible, Rosalía has a clear and very complete concept and she is a very prepared artist, “

said the diva of urban music, making it clear that there is no rivalry with the interpreter of ‘La Fama’.

Karol G has a very long list of enemies:

In addition to the Catalan, Karol G has had a feud with Natti Natasha for a long time, when the Colombian was Anuel AA‘s girlfriend.

Apparently the singer Cosculluela made fun of the physical appearance of the reggaeton player when he had been released from prison, even songs with hints were dedicated.

But Natti Natasha sided with the interpreter of ‘Innocent’ and said that she would collaborate with him on the theme of ‘Bosnia & Clyde’, which was interpreted as a provocation and the Colombian declared her rivalry with the Dominican.

Although the list of celebrities who can’t stand Karol G is getting longer, the truth is that both the Colombian and Natti Natasha and Rosalía have managed to grow in the music industry, becoming benchmarks for other female talents, who are looking for a place in urban music.

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