Kasia Smutniak rocked on Red Carpet for new film ‘The Hummingbird’

Kasia Smutniak
Kasia Smutniak

Actress Kasia Smutniak arrives on the red carpet for the “The Hummingbird” premiere during the 17th Rome Film Festival at the Parco Della Musica Auditorium in Rome, Italy, on Thursday, October 13, 2022

The Rome Film Fest inaugurated this year’s edition with the film ‘The Hummingbird’ by Francesca Archibugi, whose story is taken from the novel of the same name by Sandro Veronesi and touches on themes such as the elaboration of mourning, a love that does not it is possible to realize the pain of losing a daughter.

These family relationships are often too complex.

The cast of Colibrì also counts among its main actors Pierfrancesco Favino, Benedetta Porcaroli, Nanni Moretti and Kasia Smutniak, whose appearance of the latter on the red carpet in Rome left everyone speechless, since while the actress of Perfetti strangers posed in front of the photographers was joined by her daughter Sophie Tarricone, alongside whom she had already paraded together with her partner Domenico Procacci on the occasion of the 75th Venice Film Festival for the preview of the brilliant friend.

Kasia Smutniak with daughter on Rome Film Fest

It is not the first time the actress and the girl appeared together on social occasions: it already happened in 2018 at the Venice Film Festival.

Theirs is a very close relationship, marked by the tragic death of his father, Pietro Taricone, an Italian actor and television personality.

The latter lost his life in a parachute accident in June 2010, when Sophie was only five years old.

Now 18 years old, the daughter of Kasia Smutniak and Pietro Taricone (who died in 2010 during a parachute jump when Sophie was only five years old) is more and more like her mother, from whom she not only took “the colours”, but also the deep gaze, determined air and innate elegance.

Although very reserved, the young Tarricone has decided to support her mother at the preview of her new film The Hummingbird, where Kasia plays the role of a woman whose obsession with being betrayed by her partner leads her to be continually unfaithful.

The bond between Smutniak and his daughter seems to be stronger than ever, and this above all thanks to the relationship that the 43-year-old managed to establish with her eldest daughter (Luca’s sister, had Procacci), born from the love with Pietro Taricone, known by Kasia back in 2003 on the set of Radio West.

An engaging feeling that had overwhelmed Smutniak and Tarricone, who never left each other for the next seven years, gave life to a love story that was suddenly broken on June 29, 2010.

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