Kate Middleton: In crises regarding her new status

Kate Middleton

From Duchess of Cambridge to Princess of Wales: a massive leap for Kate Middleton, who, in the middle, with her husband William, also had to face a move and the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Curiously, when you start a Google search with the name of the Princess of Wales, one of the answers returned by the search engine to the users’ questions is ” Kate Middleton is crying. ”

A question, perhaps, or a request to find photos of the ever-perfect mother of three, the future queen consort, unforgettable Y2K fashion icon, and fundamental member of the British royal family now that Charles III, her father-in-law, has ascended the throne, in a moment of weakness.

Photo of Kate Middleton crying; in fact, there are no even to go into the maze of real photo databases.

The detail is not a sign of the fact that the Princess of Wales is a robot, or a woman trained by Queen Elizabeth or whoever for her to never give in under the weight of pressure, but of Kate Middleton‘s great ability to contain herself, to respond with kindness and a smile even to those who say to”Go home,” as happened on a recent tour of Republican Ireland.

In reality, Kate Middleton of Wales is not as strong as she wants – and must, by her position – seem. Recent reports built on the revelations of sources very close to the family confirm that Prince William’s wife “has suffered a lot in the last few weeks and feels the weight of her new role.”

Stress and anxiety about her current job in the Firm, that title of Princess of Wales that she inherited from her bulky mother-in-law Diana Spencer, seem to be the ingredients of the first months in the new Windsor house, Adelaide Cottage, where Kate and William had moved last September to be closer to Queen Elizabeth, then disappeared a few days later.

“Nobody expected the Queen’s condition to worsen so quickly,” royal author Katie Nicholl told the Mirror: the move from London to Windsor, the children settling into the new school, the shock of mourning, and the unprecedented Kate Middleton and William’s role did the rest: according to sources close to the princes of Wales, this situation has brought a lot of nervousness to their new home.

And so, even if the couple’s activities continue to go on in a very similar form to what they had when they were “only” Dukes of Cambridge – patronage of associations and organizations, engagements with non-profit organizations, and trips to the kingdom to consolidate the power of the monarchy. – it seems that the Princess of Wales, apparently so sure of herself, is immune to anxiety.

The myth of Kate Middleton

The myth that Kate Middleton has a lot of self-control is not just an urban legend: the Princess of Wales is truly a disciplined person, sure of her role and her marriage, always ready to study and challenge herself to excel.

She was like this at the time of university and faced the hard court training to become the wife of a prince and heir to the throne with the same spirit as the journalist Eva Grippa told in the biography of her Kate. Lights and shadows of the future queen (DeAgostini, 2022).

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The fact that she never appears sad or tired by the fatigue or the emotional weight of her position, even the absence of tears at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, a lack that has been contested once again, along with the accusation of being cold.

It is probable that Kate Middleton has suffered not a little the loss of her grandmother-in-law, as well as her mentor, just like the other family members, but that her sense of duty and responsibility prevails much more often than her emotions.

It is often forgotten that when photographed shaking hands and smiling at crowds, Kate is technically working: from a certain point of view, knowing how to juggle emotionally in such pressing situations is a plus, not an indication of numbness.

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