The historic meeting : Kate Middleton met Olena Zelenska at Buckingham Palace now

Kate Middleton met Olena Zelenska
Kate Middleton met Olena Zelenska at Buckingham Palace now

Arriving in London to attend Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral, First Lady Olena Zelenska met Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, at Buckingham Palace.

The historical moment of meeting between Kate with the Ukrainian first lady Olena and wife of Prime Minister Zelenski took place in the nerve center of the official celebrations for Queen Elizabeth, where King Charles III, on the eve of the funeral, welcomed guests arriving from all over the world during a very formal event.

The Princess of Wales was chosen as the royal family’s representative to meet Olena.

The latter has been involved since last February in the conflict that has struck her country and her people at the hands of the Russians.

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Kate Middleton met Olena Zelenska at Buckingham Palace

The content of their conversation has not been disclosed.

Still, in the only shot that has been published of the meeting, it is understood that Kate, for her part, is perfectly at ease in the official tests as queen consort, a role she will be invested in when William, her husband, becomes king; Olena has instead made it known, through a spokesperson, that her presence in London is not only a tribute to the queen but also a way to demonstrate how much her country is supported globally, while Russia is increasingly isolated.

The death of Queen Elizabeth and the subsequent public celebrations for the sovereign brought dozens of politicians, rulers, and leading figures of the day to the United Kingdom, eager to pay tribute to an unforgettable head of state.

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From the King and Queen of Spain Felipe and Letizia, passing through the Swedish kings to Queen Rania, King Abdullah and his eldest son, Prince Hussein of Jordan, will attend the solemn funeral in Westminster, which will be held starting at 12 and will be broadcast live on the main national and international networks.

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