Keanu Reeves surprised fans: He attended wedding ceremony of his fans

Keanu Reeves

James and Nikki Roadnight knowing that Keanu Reeves was right there, they tried to get him to deliver an invitation to the hotel

Keanu Reeves, the gentleman hero of Hollywood, has once again affirmed his heart of gold.

It wasn’t sufficient for him to have been named the best man in the world, as a New Yorker journalist ( Keanu Reeves is too good for this world, is from 2019) wrote in a famous article, and not even to be everyone’s favorite star.

The kindness with which he places himself towards those who stop him for questions and autographs ( as happened recently to one of his fans at the airport ).

It wasn’t enough for him to be a philanthropist of those who does good things without announcing it in the newspapers, like when he contributed 70% of his earnings coming from his latest film in the sagaMatrix to charity, and not even likely being the loveliest person in the star system.

Keanu Reeves surprised fans by attended wedding ceremony of fans

No, Keanu Reeves also went as a surprise to the wedding of two fans who had invited him, not believing it at all, and he was happy to be there, to have made the couple happy.
James and Nikki Roadnight got married in Northamptonshire and, knowing that the actor was right there, they tried to get him to deliver an invitation to the hotel.

Said, done: Keanu was free and seriously showed up at the wedding.

Dear, sweet Keanu Reeves. While many still have doubts about how to pronounce his name (it’s Ke-a-nu, just like the spelling. You can practice pronunciation here ), it’s hard not to feel at least a hint of affection for him.

Also because it is impossible not to do it: the actor in Matrix, Point Break and Speed ​​(just to mention some of his famous films of him) has always stood out for his good heart, kind behavior, and savoir-faire.

The typical Hollywood character that everyone only speaks about pleasure and joy, from the fan who meets him by chance on the New York subway to which Keanu Reeves gives way without even saying a word, to the famous memes that outline his propensity towards others delicately and amusingly.

A Twitter post from the official account of Nikki Roadnight

The most famous is Sad Keanu, who films the actor sitting pensively and wistfully on a park bench, around which anecdotes have been embroidered, against memes and other legends.

In fact, in an interview, Keanu would later say that at that moment he wasn’t presuming about anything particularly sad and that that’s just his usual expression of him when he’s lost in his thoughts about him.

The intense one, we add, as a man who makes a difference with kindness, which is why Keanu Reeves is too good for this world. And why we love him so much.

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