Some stars like Keanu Reeves had beginnings that they prefer to forget now

Keanu Reeves

Sometimes the beginnings of Hollywood are so hard that some stars prefer to forget it like Keanu Reeves. And of course this is a good example.

Rising to fame isn’t an easy road, and many stars have had screen starts they’d rather forget.

For a better example, the one in the image that heads this content, which belongs to a 1993 horror comedy entitled The crazy stop of the monsters (Freaked) .

Could you tell who the actor in the image is?

He is someone who is now very popular and loved by the public.

Well, as incredible as it may seem, the actor who appears in the image of The Crazy Parade of the Monsters is Keanu Reeves himself , an interpreter well known to all for his roles in the popular sagas of The Matrix and John Wick , among other films.

Directed by Tom Stern and Alex Winter and starring Brooke Shields and William Sadler, the film revolves around Ricky Coogan, an ambitious and greedy teen idol who is hired by the evil ESS Corporation and sent to the Republic of Santa Flan in America of the South, to promote a toxic biogenetic fertilizer, Grotex 24.

Banned from the US because of the mutations he causes, Ricky will never reach his destination because he decides to stop at a monster fair on the way.

Among these monsters is Ortiz the Dog Boy, who is played by an uncredited Keanu Reeves in the film .

Some stars like Keanu Reeves had beginnings that they prefer to forget

How is it possible that Keanu Reeves participated in this unknown film when he was emerging as a star?

Let’s remember that The crazy stop of the monsters is from 1993 and just a year before he starred in Bram Stoker‘s Dracula with Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder.

However, Fox was not happy and decided to bury the film.

Although Fox boss Joe Roth had defended the film, executives had no interest in its release when he left the company.

However, the film The Crazy Parade of the Monsters was very well received at festival screenings, but that was thanks to its directors having to distribute the film on their own .

Even so, it is surprising that under that make-up dog boy was Keanu Reeves himself , don’t you think?

Keanu Reeves
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