Kendall Jenner: Identikit of the highest-paid model in world

Beautiful, indeed beautiful. But not only that: Kendall Jenner’s success is also due to an explosive mix of determination, charm and authenticity

Years go by, but Kendall Jenner remains the highest-paid model in the world. Even for 2022, her priority has been confirmed.

Indeed the revenues of the American super top are constantly rising: in the first six months of the year in question, she reached 40 million dollars. Born in 1995, the sister of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian received an indisputable beauty as a gift from Mother Nature.

But that’s not the only key to her success. Kendall has charm and personality to spare. And it is interesting to know her better, albeit from a distance.

Because beyond her legs, there is (a lot) more.

Kendall Jenner has nine brothers and sisters.

Kylie, like her, was born from the union between Caitlyn Jenner, at birth William Bruce Jenner, and Kris Jenner.

Caitlyn, however, from two previous marriages – with Chrystie Crownover and Linda Thompson, respectively – had four other children: Burton William, Cassandra Lynn, Brandon and Sam Brody.

From Kris’s first marriage to lawyer Robert Kardashian, on the other hand, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Rob were born.

Raised in luxury and unbridled wealth, Kendall has a great relationship with all of them.

At very young, she made her debut on the reality TV Keeping Up with the Kardashians, reaching international notoriety.

However, we must clarify: that experience did not help her to start her career as a model; on the contrary, she was an obstacle.

Many brands rejected her of a series of prejudices against reality TV because she was already too well known.

Tireless, determined and born to model, as well as pose in front of the camera, Kendall did not give up.

And in a short time, she has managed to conquer practically all the stylists and brands around the globe. Up to become, in fact, the most paid and loved model.

“Since I was a child, I have let others control my image,” said Kendall Jenner in an interview with iD Magazine.

She got naked, telling her story without filters. She, too, spoke of the difficulties caused by the continuous overexposure, the constant presence of the paparazzi, and her feeling trapped.

But he also showed his desire to grow in every sense. He is taking back control of her image, building a new inner strength, and grappling with challenges that smell of autonomy, change and evolution.

Like his tequila brand and the role of creative director for the FWRD shopping site. Not only.

Kendall Jenner is 1.79 meters tall and weighs 59 kg. She has a beautiful physique and features.

Yet, too, he has dealt with insecurities and fears caused, for example, by severe acne. She, too, suffered from anxiety.

And she found the courage to share all this, in the awareness of being a model for many girls.

She has understood the importance of appearing “reachable”, showing that she is not at all different from the others.

They are increasing these celebs, thus helping to build solidarity and support that can involve everyone.

Appearances must not deceive us; perfection does not exist. In many ways, we are all in the same boat. And, therefore, less alone.

Kendall Jenner‘s relationship with Devin Booker

Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles formed a pair much loved by Gen Z. Between give and take, they were together from 2013 to 2016, but the final breakup came.

Subsequently, Victoria’s Secret model has been attributed to several flirts, including the one with rapper ASAP Rocky, but there has never been any confirmation. Official, however, is her relationship with basketball player Devin Booker.

Kendall Janner and Devin Booker began dating in 2020 and made the news public on February 14, 2021, via Instagram.

In June 2022, they faced a dire crisis, which led them to move away. At the end of the following August, however, they got closer.

And it seems that things are much better now: the fear of getting lost, at times, becomes enlightening.

Thing not known about Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner was practically born in the spotlight, but it must also be said that she is much more discreet and reserved than the Kardashian sisters.

To begin with, she is pretty jealous of her private life and defends it tooth and nail (as far as possible): think that on her Instagram profile, which boasts over 250 million followers, she rarely appears in photos relating to the sentimental sphere.

Consequently, there are things about her that few know. Here are a few examples?

You have a phobia of tomatoes (yes); she hates public speaking and gets very nervous; in high school, she was one of the cheerleaders.

And again, at the beginning of her modelling career, she was bullied by some colleagues, according to which she was not beautiful enough but only recommended.

On the day of her 21st birthday, an unknown boyfriend approached her and put the keys to her car in her hands, telling her that from that moment on, she would belong to her.

She has always dreamed of becoming an actress – One day, who knows her?

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